Common mistake he knowns (knows)

Mistake: "He knowns" instead of "He knows"

One common grammatical mistake many people make is using the word "knowns" instead of "knows." The correct form of the verb in this case is "knows."

Why is it wrong?

"Knowns" is not a valid word in the English language. It is the incorrect conjugation of the verb "to know." The correct present tense form of the verb is "knows."

Correct usage:

  • Incorrect: He knowns a lot about history.
  • Correct: He knows a lot about history.

"He knows a lot about history."

Using the correct form of the verb is important to ensure clear and proper communication. Incorrect usage might confuse the reader or listener, making it difficult to understand the intended meaning.

Linguix Grammar Checker can help you spot and correct such mistakes in your writing.

he knowns (knows) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He knowns someone.

    He knows someone.

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