Common mistake lose their life (lives)

Mistakes To Avoid: "Lose Their Life (Lives)"

English grammar can be tricky, and even the most seasoned writers make mistakes from time to time. One common mistake that often goes unnoticed is the incorrect usage of the phrase "lose their life (lives)".

The Correct Usage

In this phrase, the correct word to use is "lives" instead of "life".

Incorrect: He lost his life in the accident.

Correct: He lost his life in the accident.

Incorrect: Thousands of people lost their life during the war.

Correct: Thousands of people lost their lives during the war.

The word "lives" is the plural form of "life" and should be used when referring to multiple people or instances. "Life" is the singular form and should be used when referring to just one person or instance.

An easy way to remember this rule is to think of it in terms of quantity. If there is more than one life being affected, use "lives". If it's just one life, use "life".

Common Errors

Here are some common errors people make when using this phrase:

  • Incorrect: The earthquake caused many people to lose their life.
  • Incorrect: The accident resulted in several lives being lost.

These errors can easily be corrected by using the correct plural form "lives" instead of "life".

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lose their life (lives) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    They lost their life in the line of duty.

    They lost their lives in the line of duty.

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