Common mistake missing hyphen in '125 piece puzzle'

Common Mistake: Missing Hyphen in Compound Modifiers

One common mistake that many people make in their writing is the omission of a hyphen in compound modifiers. Compound modifiers are made up of two or more words that work together to describe or modify a noun. When these modifiers come before the noun, they should be joined with a hyphen.


Incorrect: I bought a 125 piece puzzle for my nephew.

Correct: I bought a 125-piece puzzle for my nephew.

In this example, "125 piece" is a compound modifier describing the puzzle. To convey this correctly, a hyphen should be used between "125" and "piece" to create the compound adjective "125-piece".

By including the hyphen, the reader understands that "125" and "piece" are working together to describe the puzzle. Without the hyphen, the sentence could be misinterpreted, and the meaning might not be clear.

Adding a hyphen to compound modifiers helps to ensure clear and precise communication. It helps to clarify the relationship between the words and maintains consistency in writing.

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Linguix Grammar Checker is an advanced tool that can help to detect and correct common grammar mistakes, including the omission of hyphens in compound modifiers. It offers comprehensive proofreading and editing features to improve your writing and ensure it is error-free.

missing hyphen in '125 piece puzzle' mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He wanted to finish the 100 piece puzzle before dawn.

    He wanted to finish the 100-piece puzzle before dawn.

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