Common mistake play ed (played)

Common Grammatical Mistake: The 'play ed' Error

When it comes to verb tenses in the English language, there are numerous rules and exceptions to be aware of. One common mistake that many people make is adding "ed" to a verb that is already in the past tense.

The Correct Usage of Past Tense

In English, regular verbs form their past tense by adding "ed" to the base form of the verb. For example, the past tense of the verb "play" is "played." However, the mistake occurs when people use the base form of the verb and then add "ed" to it, resulting in a redundant combination.

Incorrect: He play ed basketball with his friends yesterday.

Correct: He played basketball with his friends yesterday.

Irregular Verbs and Past Tense

It is also important to note that irregular verbs do not follow the same rule for forming the past tense. Irregular verbs have their own unique forms, and adding "ed" to them is incorrect.

Incorrect: She break ed the vase by accident.

Correct: She broke the vase by accident.

Using the Linguix Grammar Checker

To avoid making this common mistake, it is helpful to use a reliable grammar checker like Linguix. This tool can identify errors in real-time and offer suggestions for correcting them. By using Linguix, you can enhance your writing and ensure that your verb tenses are accurate.

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play ed (played) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    We play ed catch.

    We played catch.

  • Correct:
    In school they have sex ed.
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