Common mistake in term (terms) of

In Terms of: Commonly Misused Phrase

The phrase "in term (terms) of" is often used incorrectly in writing and conversation. Many people mistakenly use it when they actually mean to use the phrase "in regard (regards) to" or "in relation (relations) to".

The Correct Usage:

The phrase "in terms of" is correctly used to compare or express something in relation to different aspects or factors. It is commonly used to provide a context or to assess something based on specific criteria.

  • Example 1: "She excelled in terms of leadership skills." Here, the phrase is used to highlight the woman's leadership skills and compare them to those of others.
  • Example 2: "The company is thriving in terms of profitability and customer satisfaction." In this case, "in terms of" is used to evaluate the business's success based on two factors: profitability and customer satisfaction.

The Common Mistake:

Many people mistakenly use the phrase "in term (terms) of" when they actually mean "in regard (regards) to" or "in relation (relations) to". This mistake often leads to confusion and a misunderstanding of the intended meaning.

  • Example 1: Incorrect usage: "He made significant progress in term of communication skills." Correct usage: "He made significant progress in terms of communication skills."
  • Example 2: Incorrect usage: "She struggled in term of time management." Correct usage: "She struggled in terms of time management."

Using Linguix Grammar Checker:

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in term (terms) of mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    In the long terms we will be happy.

    In the long term we will be happy.

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