Common mistake either of the car (cars)

Common Grammar Mistakes: Either of the Car (Cars)

Correct grammar is essential for effective communication. However, it is common for even experienced English speakers to make mistakes, particularly with certain phrases or expressions. In this blog post, we will be addressing one such mistake involving the use of the phrase "either of the car" or "either of the cars."

The Correct Usage

The correct way to phrase this expression is actually "either of the cars" using the plural form of the noun "car." The word "either" indicates a choice between two items or options, in this case, two cars. Therefore, using the plural form of the noun is necessary.

Incorrect: either of the car

Correct: either of the cars

Example Sentences

  • Either of the cars can be used for the road trip.
  • I'm not sure which car John will choose, but either of the cars is a good option.
  • We have two cars, and either of the cars will get you to the destination.

By using the correct phrase "either of the cars," you ensure that your grammar is accurate and that your message is clear. Making this correction can prevent confusion or misunderstanding in your writing or speech.

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either of the car (cars) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    A comma after either of the abbreviation is mandatory.

    A comma after either of the abbreviations is mandatory.

  • Correct:
    Note that neither of the three is a complex algebra.
  • Correct:
    Invocation of another constructor (either of the object's class or of the object's superclass).
  • Correct:
    Trott believed in the original, positive view of the Sonderweg of Germany as a Central European power that was neither of the West nor of the East.
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