Common mistake Possible agreement error: 'lots/plenty of' + singular countable noun

Lots of people makes mistakes.

Does that sentence sound correct to you? If you're an English grammar guru like me, you probably noticed the error right away. The mistake lies in the agreement between the word "lots" and the noun "people."

The Trap of Agreement Errors

Agreement errors occur when there is a mismatch in number between a noun and its verb, pronoun, or other related words. Such mistakes can make your writing sound awkward and unprofessional. One common agreement error that I often encounter is the use of "lots" or "plenty of" with a singular countable noun.

Why It's a Mistake

Let's look at the example sentence again:

  • Lots of people makes mistakes.

The correct form of the verb "make" should be used because the noun "people" is plural, not singular. When we use "lots" or "plenty of," we tend to focus on the quantity, but it doesn't change the fact that the noun is still plural. Therefore, the correct sentence should be:

  • Lots of people make mistakes.

Common Correct Formulations

Now that you know about this common agreement mistake, let's take a look at some correct examples:

  • Plenty of tickets are available for the concert.
  • Lots of dogs enjoy chasing their tails.
  • Many cars were parked in the lot.

By using the correct form of the verb or pronoun to match the plural noun, you can avoid making this agreement error.

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Possible agreement error: 'lots/plenty of' + singular countable noun mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    I have got lots of book.

    I have got lots of books.

  • Correct:
    I have got lots of wine.
  • Correct:
    There are lots of Internet based foreign exchanges, and none that I have actually seen support buyer to buyer transactions.
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