Common mistake one foot, two feet

Common Mistake: Using 'feets' instead of 'feet'

One of the most common mistakes in English grammar is the incorrect usage of the word 'feet'. While it may seem straightforward, many people mistakenly use 'feets' as the plural form of 'foot'. However, the correct plural form is 'feet'.

The word 'foot' is used to describe the singular form of this body part, while 'feet' is used for multiple or plural instances. Let's take a closer look at the correct usage:

Singular Form: Foot

  • I hurt my foot while playing soccer.
  • She has a beautiful baby with ten tiny toes on each foot.
  • Please wipe your feet before entering the house.

Plural Form: Feet

  • I need to buy new shoes because my feet have grown.
  • He jumped off the wall and landed on his feet.
  • Dogs have four feet while cats have just two.

It's important to remember that 'feets' is not a correct word and using it may lead to confusion and misunderstandings. To avoid this common mistake, always use 'feet' for the plural form of 'foot'.

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one foot, two feet mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    I had a shoe on one feet.

    I had a shoe on one foot.

  • Correct:
    I had a show on one foot.
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