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The Common Mistake: Using the JJR + Plural Construction

When it comes to forming comparative adjectives with plurals, many people often make a common grammatical mistake. This mistake involves using the JJR + plural construction, which is not grammatically correct in standard English.

The Problem

The JJR + plural construction occurs when we want to compare two or more things and mistakenly form the comparative adjective by adding "er" or "est" to the plural form of the adjective. For example, people might say "She has the funner toys" or "That was the funnest party." However, this construction is incorrect and should be avoided in formal writing.

The Solution

To form comparatives and superlatives with plurals, we should use the comparative form of the adjective followed by "than" for comparisons. For example, we would say "She has more fun toys" or "That was the most fun party." This structure ensures that we are following the rules of standard English grammar.


While the JJR + plural construction is generally incorrect, there are a few cases where it is acceptable. In colloquial or informal speech, people might use this construction for emphasis or in certain dialects. However, in formal writing or academic contexts, it is best to stick to the standard rules of grammar.

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one of the JJR + plural mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    One of the biggest complaint is that...

    One of the biggest complaints is that...

  • Incorrect:
    One of the most painful place to get...

    One of the most painful places to get...

  • Incorrect:
    One of the most frequently ordered meal ...

    One of the most frequently ordered meals ...

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