Common mistake Plural form of numbers in 'two dozens of' (two dozen)


When it comes to expressing quantities, using the correct plural form of numbers is important. However, there are certain phrases where the singular form of a numeral is preferred over the plural form. One such phrase is 'two dozens of', which should actually be 'two dozen'.

Understanding 'Two Dozens Of'

'Two dozens of' is a phrase commonly used to describe a specific quantity, usually in terms of objects, items, or units. While it may seem logical to use the plural form of the numeral 'dozens' when describing a number greater than one, the correct usage actually involves the singular form of the word 'dozen'.

For example:

  • Incorrect: I bought two dozens of eggs.
  • Correct: I bought two dozen eggs.

'Dozen' itself is a special word that functions as a singular noun. It is used to represent a specific quantity of twelve items. Therefore, when we use the phrase 'two dozen,' we are essentially saying 'two sets of twelve'.

Using Singular Form of the Numeral

The singular form of the numeral 'dozen' is used because the noun 'dozen' is already pluralized by its own definition. Using the plural form of the numeral would be redundant and grammatically incorrect.

Here are a few more examples:

  • Incorrect: She ordered three dozens of roses.
  • Correct: She ordered three dozen roses.
  • Incorrect: We received nine dozens of new books.
  • Correct: We received nine dozen new books.

Final Thoughts

It's crucial to pay attention to the plural form of numbers in phrases like 'two dozens of'. Remember to use the singular form of the numeral 'dozen' instead of the plural form, as it is the correct and preferred usage. Avoiding this common mistake will result in more accurate and effective communication.

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Plural form of numbers in 'two dozens of' (two dozen) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    You need two dozens of eggs.

    You need two dozen eggs.

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