Common mistake Wrong preposition: 'be fond to' (be fond of)

Common Grammar Mistake: Wrong Preposition Usage

One of the common mistakes made by English learners is the misuse of prepositions. In particular, the incorrect use of prepositions can lead to unclear or nonsensical sentences. Let's focus on one specific mistake: using the wrong preposition with the phrase "be fond."

'Be Fond To' instead of 'Be Fond Of'

When expressing a positive feeling towards someone or something, we often use the phrase "be fond of." However, some people mistakenly use the preposition "to" instead of "of" in this context.

Incorrect: I am fond to play video games.

Correct: I am fond of playing video games.

In the above example, the incorrect use of the preposition "to" changes the meaning of the sentence. It implies that the person is being affectionate towards the act of playing video games, rather than enjoying the games themselves.

The correct sentence, on the other hand, conveys that the person has an affectionate liking or preference for playing video games.

This error is often made because the learner translates directly from their native language, where a different preposition may be used in a similar context.

It's important to remember that "be fond of" is a set phrase in English, and the preposition "of" should always be used to express affection or liking for someone or something.

The Role of Linguix Grammar Checker

To avoid such common grammar mistakes, it's always helpful to have tools that provide guidance and correction. One such tool is the Linguix Grammar Checker.

Linguix Grammar Checker can help identify and correct errors like using the wrong preposition. It offers real-time suggestions and explanations to enhance your writing skills and improve your grammar accuracy.

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Wrong preposition: 'be fond to' (be fond of) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Children are fond to skipping.

    Children are fond of skipping.

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