Common mistake most of the times (time)

Common Mistake: most of the times

One common mistake that people often make is using "most of the times" instead of "most of the time."


"Most of the time" is the correct phrase to use when you mean "usually" or "very often." It is an idiomatic expression used to indicate a frequency or regularity.


  • Incorrect: I go to the gym most of the times.
  • Correct: I go to the gym most of the time.

Here, the incorrect use of "most of the times" implies that the speaker goes to the gym on multiple occasions within each time frame, which is not the intended meaning. By using the correct phrase "most of the time," it indicates that the person goes to the gym frequently or usually.

It's easy to confuse "most of the time" with "most of the times," but the latter is not grammatically correct. To ensure your writing is accurate and error-free, consider using a grammar checker like Linguix Grammar Checker.

most of the times (time) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Most of the times, we are available.

    Most of the time, we are available.

  • Correct:
    Most of the Times' news articles were about US politics.
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