Common mistake choosed (chose)

Common Grammar Mistake: "Choosed" instead of "Chose"

If you've ever found yourself wondering whether to use "choosed" or "chose" when talking about the past tense of the verb "to choose," you're not alone. Many people make the mistake of using "choosed" when they actually mean "chose." In this article, we'll delve into this common grammar mistake and provide you with some helpful examples to ensure you never make this error again.

The Correct Usage: "Chose"

The past tense of the verb "to choose" is "chose." This means that when you want to refer to an action that occurred in the past, you should always use "chose" instead of "choosed."


  • Incorrect: I choosed the blue car.
  • Correct: I chose the blue car.

The Past Participle: "Chosen"

In addition to the past tense, there is also a past participle form of the verb "to choose" – "chosen." The past participle is typically used when creating compound verb tenses or in passive voice constructions.


  • Incorrect: They have choosed the wrong path.
  • Correct: They have chosen the wrong path.

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choosed (chose) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He choosed his friends carefully.

    He chose|chosen his friends carefully.

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