Common mistake key note (keynote)

Common Mistake: Key note vs Keynote

One common mistake that is often made is confusing the spelling of "key note" and "keynote". While they sound similar, they have different meanings and spellings.

Key note

The phrase "key note" is a noun that refers to a significant or essential point or feature. It is often used in the context of a speech or presentation where the main ideas or themes are summarized.


  • The key note of the conference was the importance of sustainable development.
  • In his opening remarks, the speaker highlighted the key note of the event.


On the other hand, "keynote" is a noun that refers to the main or predominant theme of a conference, event, or presentation. It is also used as a verb to mean delivering the main address or presentation.


  • The keynote speaker captivated the audience with her powerful message.
  • The company's CEO will keynote the annual conference.

It's important to note (no pun intended) that these two words are spelled differently and have distinct meanings. Mixing them up can lead to confusion and misunderstandings.

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key note (keynote) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Steve Jobs' biggest strength was his unique appearance in Apple's key notes.

    Steve Jobs' biggest strength was his unique appearance in Apple's keynotes.

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