English Preposition before noun start on letter I and How to Use Them

"in zone" or "to zone"? "in writing" or "of writing"? in, of, to, for or on whole? "in volume" or "of volume"? "in verse" or "of verse"? "in trouble" or "of trouble"? "in translation" or "of translation"? "in town" or "of town"? "in tournament" or "of tournament"? "in touch" or "of touch"? "in tongue" or "of tongue"? "in tone" or "of tone"? In, of, with, between or on theory? "in theater" or "of theater"? "in temperature" or "of temperature"? "in table" or "of table"? In, of, On, for or to summary? In, of, to, about or with sum? "in studio" or "of studio"? in, of, at, to or from store? "in stock" or "of stock"? "in spring" or "of spring"? "in spirit" or "of spirit"? "in size" or "of size"? "in situation" or "of situation"? "in silence" or "of silence"? "in sight" or "of sight"? "in shock" or "of shock"? "in shape" or "of shape"? "in setting", "of setting" or "to setting"? "in sequence", "of sequence" or "to sequence"? "in sector" or "of sector"? "in scope" or "of scope"? "in row" or "of row"? "in return" or "of return"? "In response" or "of response"? "in reply" or "of reply"? in, of, to, from or by region? "In recognition" or "of recognition"? "in reality" or "of reality"? "in question" or "of question"? "In quantity" or "of quantity"? "in progress" or "of progress"? "in prison" or "to prison"? "in print" or "of print"? "in principle" or "of principle"? "in price" or "of price"? "In preparation" or "of preparation"? "in practice", "to practice" or "of practice"? "in position" or "of position"? "in port", "of port" or "to port"? "in popularity" or "of popularity"? "In politics" or "of politics"? "in point" or "of point"? in, of, into, to or from place? "In phase", "of phase" or "to phase"? "in perspective" or "of perspective"? "in percentage" or "of percentage"? "in partnership" or "of partnership"? "in paragraph" or "of paragraph"? "in order" or "of order"? "in opposition" or "of opposition"? "in office" or "of office"? "in number" or "of number"? "in need" or "of need"? "in motion" or "of motion"? "in mind" or "of mind"? in, of, for, to or from middle? "in manufacturing" or "of manufacturing"? "in manner" or "of manner"? "in magazine" or "of magazine"? "in love" or "of love"? "in line" or "on line"? "in length" or "of length"? "in league" or "of league"? in, of, to, with or by kind? "in hospital" or "to hospital"? "in history" or "of history"? "in height" or "of height"? in, of, to, from or into heaven? in, at, on, of or to hand? "in group" or "of group"? in, of, for, to or from grade? in, of, For, about or near future? in, from, of, on or to front? "in form" or "of form"? in, of, to, with or below figure? "in factory" or "of factory"? "in extent" or "to extent"? "in exchange" or "of exchange"? "in effect" or "into effect"? "in doubt", "without doubt" or "of doubt"? "in dispute" or "of dispute"? in, for, of, to or with detail? "in depth" or "of depth"? "in demand", "of demand" or "on demand"? in, of, to, on or about deficit? "in decline" or "of decline"? "in danger" or "of danger"? "in court" or "to court"? "in county" or "of county"? "in conversation" or "of conversation"? "In contrast" or "by contrast"? "in context" or "of context"? into, for, under, of or in consideration? "in consequence" or "of consequence"? "In conclusion" or "to conclusion"? in, of, for, to or at concert? "in compliance" or "of compliance"? "In comparison" or "by comparison"? "in command" or "of command"? in, of, for, on or about combination? "in column" or "of column"? "in college", "to college" or "of college"? "In collaboration" or "of collaboration"? "in classroom" or "of classroom"? "in class" or "of class"? in, of, to, for or from circle? "in check" or "of check"? "in charge" or "of charge"? "in chapter" or "of chapter"? "in chain" or "of chain"? "in celebration", "of celebration" or "for celebration"? "in battle" or "of battle"? "in attempt" or "of attempt"? "in area" or "of area"? "in appearance" or "of appearance"? "in agreement" or "of agreement"? "in act" or "of act"? into, of, to, in, on, account
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