Prepositions used with "exchange"

"in exchange" or "of exchange"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 67% of cases exchange in is used
    In exchange the African traders got e.
    Max offers to find one in exchange for some fuel.
    You earn it in exchange for your time and knowledge.
    After that, he tells Gentarou that he can restore Kengo in exchange for a sacrifice.
    Qwabe said he and Mngeni agreed to the job in exchange for 15,000 rand (about 1,200).
    They need attention but not the kind that is secured in exchange for an ice cream cone.
    The estate granted in exchange for service was known as a pomestie; the holder of a pomestie was a pomeshchik (pl.
    Sometimes, if you want to keep up with the latest trend, it would always be in exchange of a huge amount of money.
    In exchange for free passage and assistance on their arrival, they agreed to work for the government for two years.
    Is it the company who pays them money, in exchange for their skills and labour? Nope, they are paying the money out.

    In 23% of cases exchange of is used
    First, the medium of exchange should be durable.
    We all know currency is just a means of exchange.
    Money, as in fiat money, is just a medium of exchange.
    Note that the type of exchange Resource effectively limits the Processes that can be linked.
    Funds in a blocked account shall be dealt with only as directed by the Controller of exchange.
    Circulating medium, a current medium of exchange, whether coin, bank notes, or government notes.
    China is insisting on a fixed currency rate vs US dollar and other world currencies at an unfair rate of exchange.
    When you pay in Tanzanian shilling, you're generally asked to pay one or two dollars more because of exchange rate.
    There were more frequent high-level exchanges and a deepening of all levels of exchanges and cooperation across the board.
    Medium of exchange, that which is used for effecting an exchange of commodities -- money or current representatives of money.

    In 3% of cases exchange for is used
    These should be replaced and returned to us for exchange.
    Integration will also require stable standards for exchange and integration of information derived from text mining.
    That will depend entirely upon the amount of collateral that is presented from time to time for exchange for bank notes.
    The way for exchanges was well-known, through the valley of Kabul river, Peshawar, Jalalabad and through well known routes to Tarim basin.
    Often you will find yourself delaying a payment or wire transfer while you wait for exchange rates to reach a point that you're comfortable with.
    If this wasn't enough then this is also what is termed a maths trade attracting 2,500 new and used games for exchange from over 140 people across Europe.

    In 2% of cases exchange on is used
    If you are on exchange for one term only, you should not register in any courses that span two terms (e.
    The volumes of theoretical and empirical academic publications on exchange rates are anecdotal and evolving.
    I've wondered why no New Zealand university has yet tried the trick of taking on exchange rate risk on behalf of their international students.
    It would be good to have Parliament examine all the options around the Reserve Bank Act and whether it's prudent to try and compete on exchange rate manipulation.

    In 2% of cases exchange to is used
    Different ways to exchange links 1.
    Due to exchange rate his actual expenditure was $40,000 (total of his hard earned money).
    I used to recite this in my head when running to exchange station to catch the last train home.
    A very limited number of courses in the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Business are open to exchange students.

    In 1% of cases exchange about is used
    This is about exchanges of two different national monies.
    What needs to be remembered is that art is about exchange and sharing.
    The argument is not about tides, but about exchange of angular momentum other than through tides.

    In 1% of cases exchange with is used
    As of Thursday, the Kaiser Family Foundation and news reports showed that 16 states will move forward with exchanges, while 16 have given their final word they won't.
    They agreed to develop the communication network, boost trade to $15 billion a year by 2015 and boost cooperation in education with exchange programs and doubling scholarships from 1,000 to 2,000.

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