Prepositions used with "number"

"in number" or "of number"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases number in is used

There is some safety in numbers.

It is never more or less in number.

Safety in numbers is the old adage.

The press kiosks in Paris diminished in numbers from 370 to 310 between 1999 and 2002.

Those with certain characteristics live, and those without them diminish in number or die.

In this inscription, Lang renders a complex animal behaviour pattern entirely in numbers.

Fans have turned out in numbers to protest the manager and ownership in hopes that the season can somehow be saved.

Air Force as well as naval reinforcements were coming in, and FEAF? s daily sorties were rapidly increasing in number.

As the wildebeests increased in numbers inside the river, the water was increasing in volume and my heart was racing.

But it has its charms and one of those surely being its young bodybuilders, who seem today to be increasing in number.

In 23% of cases number of is used

It's full of numbers and explanations.

Meanwhile the tide of numbers continues.

Osho accepted anyone because of numbers.

A Nautilus shell is natures own version of the Fibonacci Series of numbers in action.

The point remains, please don't use a collage of numbers to confuse discussion too much.

There were plenty of numbers from the mists of their near 15 years plus of making music.

If you browser shows a series of numbers instead of text (see picture below ), you're probably in dangerous waters.

And if the Conservative Party forces him out of Number 11 Downing Street, then they'll feel a bit better for a while.

The only other affiliate program that compares with Ebay in terms of number of products is Amazons affiliate program.

AutoFill works with days of the week, months of the year, yearly quarters; consecutive series of numbers; and formulas.

In 11% of cases number at is used

At number nine, John Gandel, with $3.

That means that your name is at number nine.

The film entered at number 8, taking 817,000 ($1.

He checked in at number eight on our summer countdown of the top 20 Canucks prospects.

Rahane might have a shot at number 3 but it is highly unlikely he will make it to the X1.

Ai Weiwei, the Chinese dissident artist who topped the list last year, is at number three.

The farcical ICC T20 rankings have us at number 10 behind Ireland (! ), but I wouldn't take too much notice of that.

Oh you know you love it really, the theme to Robin Hood that stayed at number 1 in the UK for what seemed like years.

Slow Club - Paradise featured at number 9 on Paul Brown's list but that was the only ' vote ' it got from our 58 staff.

In July 2011, sitting at number one in the ICC Test rankings, India's tour of England would mark the beginning of the end.

In 10% of cases number to is used

This was due to number of factors.

And God save the Queen DID get to number 1.

Roman numerals are used to number the chords.

According to numbers released by the NCAA in 2011, graduation rates for hockey were 88.

CBS Films ' The Words slipped down to number seven in its second weekend and stands at $9.

It is usually expressed as the number of pixels horizontal in to number of pixels vertical.

A compilation of the night's music, A Symphony for British Music, went to number two on the iTunes album chart, behind.

In 2004, the magazine published a ' greatest riffs of all time ' poll, in which ' Plug In Baby ' made it to number 13, one.

Globally, Khan is considered to be one of the biggest movie stars, 4 with a fan following claimed to number in the billions.

Andrew Flintoff was promoted to number three in the hope that he could make best use of the fielding restrictions and hard ball.

In 6% of cases number with is used

Numbering begins with number 1.

And he can't do it with numbers alone.

I never needed to be assertive with number two.

The city and school staff members are meeting weekly to come up with numbers, plans and priorities.

They will be largely restricted to Lambeth, Westminster and Blackfriars bridges, with numbers limited.

Being based on the cloud, apart from providing high accessibility it facilitates with number of features.

Try using a unique password, created with numbers, letters and a combination of symbols that can work effectively.

Nashville Numbers offers an option to replace specific chords with numbers based on the root position of the song.

I'd very good with numbers! > Mothers, If your son/daughter don't understand math YET, call me, I can help them.

Magic Squares? Do you know that playing with numbers on a Magic Square was being done as far back as 4000 years ago.

In 5% of cases number on is used

Philostratus 220 AD Iarchas on Number.

Anonymous YES! Trav A comment on number 12.

Long on numbers, short on heart, missing poetry and settling for facts.

But ultimately, perhaps it's the fixation on numbers that is the root of the problem.

Reducing alcohol accessibility, including tightening restrictions on numbers of outlets.

It is only as objective as you strive to make it, and not by virtue of being based on numbers.

His story relied on numbers from the Long War Journal, which has been proven to have flawed statistics on the drone war.

Twenty-nine % put the PML-N on number one in empowering women, trailed by the PTI 28%, PPP 13% and PML-Q and MQM 3% each.

However businesses are built on numbers, and the ability to quantify your efforts is something the industry should face up to.

Being able to swap your number of likes with a custom tab can be a great way to downplay the focus on number of fans your page has.

In 4% of cases number by is used

But we would like to split these up by number of image elements.

London and the North West are the highest by number with 570,000 each.

The jurors are referred to only by numbers given to them by the sheriff.

You are focusing only on numbers, but a majority by number does not legitimate it as a government.

Mining is continuing to rise as a major industry of Mongolia as evidenced by number of Chinese, Russian and.

However, this quarter was 46% lower by number of deals and 36% lower by capital raised than in Q2 2011 (US$65.

I was using qualitative methods and I didn't want an examiner who thought that truth could only be found by numbers.

It starts off saying don't drink but the writers must have been drunk by number 2 because they skipped over number 3 entirely.

When bands release back to basics type albums they can often fall into the trap of a colour by numbers approach to the writing process.

By number of deals, technology companies continue to drive the US IPO market, while energy and consumer products companies led by capital raised.

In 4% of cases number for is used

I'd thankful for numbers, and for Nate Silver.

Some will just ask for number, pin and autographs.

Untold guns and amazing game play ca for number two.

But if ever there was a case for numbers being misleading, this was it -- and wildly so.

Financial modeling training requires patience, intelligence, and a good mind for numbers.

He knows to use his litter for number ones, but prefers somewhere a bit softer for his number twos.

Before the invention of figures by the Arabs, in the tenth century, letters of the alphabet were used for numbers.

I went to Fabric (for Numbers) last Friday and a lot of my friends were playing and they are really good at what they do.

Flora and Fauna of Sinharaja: There are many endemic plant species found in Sinharaja as for numbers it is identified as 13.

Obsession for numbers and research has always impressed Bill and he has usually thought about inquiring into the stock exchange.

In 2% of cases number about is used

For them it's all about numbers.

But he doesn't want to think about numbers now.

Theresa May specifically said this is not about numbers, LIE, because it is to her.

Because at root, this whole squabble between worldviews is not about numbers at all -- it is about narratives.

We have no shortage of arguments about numbers and machines, but we do have a great shortage of workable stories.

We view our profession as being not merely about numbers, but about people, their personal and business prosperity.

But what they don't acknowledge -- and they don't because their opponents don't either -- is that this debate is not about numbers.

We focus on what we think will directly apply to us, and generally avoid instructions about the tabernacle, minor prophets, and anything about numbers of people in tribes.

Another mystery solved and impending crisis averted (er, don't ask what crisis, long story about pelicans and penguins teaming up with someone called Wormtail and the big fiasco about number 42).

In 1% of cases number from is used

In these case, the whole benefit from number that we talked about earlier collapses straight down.

Officers can only do what they are told to do - if they are told to hold their ground and defend an area then they will do that - the strength comes not from numbers but from discipline.

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