Prepositions used with "volume"

"in volume" or "of volume"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases volume in is used

In my report of the debate in Volume VI, No.

I, Chapter 4 He makes the same comment in Volume III.

Companies like ASUS, Dell, and Lenovo are shipping it in volume.

This group of tiny BB tots were featured in Volume 29 of The Kids Magazine, out this month.

Peterson's Law: History shows that money will multiply in volume and divide in value over the long run.

Prices continue to gather momentum as the next crop has been delayed and is expected to be low in volume.

Rather reduction in tariff will increase in volumes and resultant more revenue as well as better services to users.

As the wildebeests increased in numbers inside the river, the water was increasing in volume and my heart was racing.

Snoring loudly, in addition to becoming high in volume, could be indicative of other items occurring with your system.

Place the egg and vanilla sugar in a big bowl and beat over simmering water until light and moussey, and doubled in volume.

In 24% of cases volume of is used

It might not be sexy, but that's a lot of volume.

What is the total gas pressure now? 2 A container of volume 10.

See boundary compromise agreements at the end of Volume IV of the Code Oath of office.

See boundary compromise agreements at the end of Volume IV of the Code Rights of persons.

Liver, eggs and nuts which are rich in biotin can make the building of volume in the hair.

With that in mind, we have a general idea of volume, from which we can work in terms of manipulation for various goals.

The appearance of volume by having an asymmetric circulation of hair wigs to 1 side widens that person and decreases length.

Samsung Nexus 10 would take a button for ignition and lock, physical control of volume, as well as rear camera with LED flash.

In some segments they had a comfortable market leadership position in terms of volume and technology -- sometimes nearly a monopoly.

In 13% of cases volume by is used

However, its use by volume has declined from 78 per cent.

Fill up cracks with a 1:3 (by volume) cement and sand mixture.

The point here is alcohol % by volume in cheap beers is under 1%.

What is the volume of the bulb? (Consider air to be 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen by volume).

Line serves to toast government's information from the meat by volume fries and his kick-off, mr.

The animals can not be placed in the chamber until the concentration of carbon monoxide has reached at least 1% by volume.

Its value is not defined by volume but by the value it adds to the outcome of your project (no guarantees of success I'd afraid -- that's the fun of project management!).

The maximum absorption rate is obtained with the consumption of an alcoholic beverage containing approximately 20-25% (by volume or v/v) alcohol solution on an empty stomach.

An expert report indicates that Zimbabwe's diamond production could double the current global output and easily contribute by 2015, 25 percent of the world's supply by value and 30 percent by volume.

In 6% of cases volume for is used

This is a pro cutter for volume.

Use mousse for volume, but use it sparingly.

Hydraulic Die Cutter for volume circle cutting.

Free contents: The complete index for volume 28 (2003.

CEMH conferences have provided inspiration for volumes of both series.

First up are two rotary controllers -- one for volume and one for aftertouch.

There is considerable overlap in the lists for Volumes 11 to 15 and 16 to 20.

As we can only rely on our clients for volume estimates, we were similarly unprepared.

Firms must also be able to cater to varying demand levels and the need for product variations, necessitating the need for volume and mix flexibility.

In 6% of cases volume with is used

We'll get to frequency in a bit, but let's start with volume.

The National Library has assisted with volumes for many of the years.

My library is filled with volumes on the subject of God's sovereignty.

Starting with Volume 100, the Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences follows a new concept.

In 4% of cases volume on is used

The costs are only taken whether they win and depend on volume of the transaction.

Cellphone wake up sounds tend to be high pitch and shrilly (as opposed to most desk bound alarm clocks that rely on volume).

The exercise of putting together this information takes an intern or an account executive maybe half a day a month (depending on volumes of course).

As most mediums begin to be sold through an auction process, the dependence on volume discounts on media buys and treasury operations will need to reduce.

Based on that fact alone, you should expect Favre to be first in almost any statistical category that is simply a counting stat; something that relies on volume.

In 4% of cases volume to is used

It's up to volume 8 in English at this point.

Adequate capacity is required to cater to volume and sourcing fluctuations resulting from market and supply chain discontinuities.

In 2% of cases volume as is used

It allows the app to modify global audio settings such as volume and routing.

The Motorola acquisition may be a sign of a new strategy, but new revenue streams will need to deliver profits as well as volume.

In 2% of cases volume at is used

Beginning at volume twelve, the series occassionally flash-forwards several years into the future, giving the audience clues of what will happen during the present.

If we look at volume 13 under the life history of Nauman Bin Sabit (name of Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah alayh) there are two chapters on Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah alayh.

In 2% of cases volume between is used

And, when considering the recent correlation between volume and the SP 500 (-0.

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