Prepositions used with "attempt"

"in attempt" or "of attempt"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases attempt in is used

They merely test them in attempts to disprove them.

They pressed forward against the crime scene tape in attempt to see the skull.

Someone may be going nuclear in attempt to keep the Methodists from going over the edge.

There's nothing elitist about trying to ring the bell in attempt of starting a new round.

The second maid then jumped into the pool in attempt to save both the other maid and child.

Artwork by Mike Magnan Chess returns to the timetable: Schools reintroduce game in attempt to improve children's brainpower Source: www.

I don't agree with the actions of any person affiliated with any political party who has to resort to hate in attempt to make a statement.

Emotional blackmail being played out, massacres being committed by the FSA or their fellow fighters in attempts to get NATO involved, so for their ideals.

The Seaga government also pursued more orthodox fiscal and monetary policies in attempts to retain access to external financing under structural adjustment lending.

The amateur ballers try to work their way around, over, and most of the time through Andaya, in attempts to show to themselves and to the public that they are also good enough.

In 28% of cases attempt of is used

One of the earliest records of attempts at flight.

Bless him, it took a couple of attempts before he gave in.

Dedict 6 million form Israeli figures -- still leaves a lot of attempts.

By comparison, password crackers usually measure their speed in millions of attempts per second.

There had been a number of attempts by people including Humphry Davy, James Bowman Lindsay, Moses G.

After several weeks of attempts, Orta appears to have chickened out and he asked to be taken off the mission.

There is little evidence on ground of attempts to bolster indigenous seed stocks to prevent the potential monopoly of GM seeds in our rural areas.

Although he was well liked by head honcho Viktor, he still failed to strike any points with the scorching hot Selene (Kate Beckinsale) after decades of attempt.

In recent years an increasing number of attempts have been made to widen the traditional modernist canon beyond Wyndham Lewis's white, Anglo-American, ' Men of 1914 '.

There have been a number of attempts in the history of quantum physics to somehow bypass the conceptual problems of quantum physics, witness for example Albert Einstein's position.

In 11% of cases attempt to is used

The doctrines, all of them, amount to attempts to control the behaviour of the masses.

Personal accounts by young people with Asperger syndrome frequently refer to attempts to make friends.

Best advice: Buckner Chowdry said bringing in a smart team of people as soon as possible, rather than to attempt to do everything yourself, was one big takeaway.

Better yet, how far do you think science was set back with the destruction of the Library of Alexandria? Celestial map making was due to attempts to understand the messages/codes of the universe.

In 6% of cases attempt with is used

Continuing the hell theme, fire seems to be often associated with attempts to depress an act's vote.

In 5% of cases attempt for is used

Companies have legal obligation to keep an eye out for attempts to steal customer and employee information and apply solutions to prevent such things from occurring.

In 5% of cases attempt from is used

That is, it is different from attempts to? know? what is beyond our potential ability to know.

Most of this danger comes from attempts to use subscriptions instead of micropayments as a business model, thus erecting barriers to free navigation.

Results from attempts using this approach to ' switch off ' genes in fish, however, are variable and it is not clear whether this assumption is valid.

In practice, this means a shift in responsibilities away from attempts at extensive state provision in pastoral areas to decentralized, local control (Swift 1995).

In 4% of cases attempt by is used

I am not sure that this is helped by attempts to interpret all aspects of it as if it had a one unified underlying truth.

This unhappy outcome would be made more likely by attempts to sustain Castroism without Mr Castro, a defiance that will surely fall apart, since Cuba's people will not endure it indefinitely.

In 3% of cases attempt at is used

Can lessons from the past help leaders prevent genocides in the future? We look at attempts to avoid a humanitarian disaster in Sudan.

How do you look at attempts made by some people, trying to stop you from going back to PDP? I am not even talking about political party now.

The pound lost a third of its value against real currencies following the 2007 crash and now the Government is trying to push its value down further in at attempt to reduce the Government's debt.

In 3% of cases attempt despite is used

Brown's longstanding relationships with working class voters, of all races, endured despite attempts to paint him as a tax-and-spend Washington insider.

Unfortunately despite attempts at persuasion by MissMarkey, karen017814 and seadbed the roadsweeper (who had by now been joined by a second yellow jacketed figure) was not going to be swayed.

In 3% of cases attempt over is used

Also, in Serbia, the head of the central bank quit in August over attempts by the government to exercise greater control.

As for workers in present day Britain, Mr Halligan has failed to point out the victory of the British civil service union PCS over attempts by the Blair government to cut thousands of jobs.

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