Prepositions used with "charge"

"in charge" or "of charge"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases charge in is used

He left others in charge in 1999.

I am not in charge of these things.

Sometimes, my bladder IS in charge.

Let those in charge move to China and leave industries here for the communties to run.

Singapore's fundamental political narrative is that Lee Kuan Yew is the man in charge.

You're the one who's in charge in Thor ', and I was like, ' You're kidding? This character? ' and they said, ' Yes '.

A transition phase marked Menezes ' reign, but after more then two years in charge results under him have been mixed.

Can you just imagine if the actor Blair or the loon Brown were in charge right now -- it would be trumpeted all over.

Posted by: RRS September 16, 2012, 9:51 pm 9:51 pm Realize that these people are in charge of the security of the US.

In 36% of cases charge of is used

Every service here is FREE of charge.

Abstracts are available free of charge.

It is free of charge and was a nice find.

The roadway was a number of lanes wide and free of charge from construction or debris.

I am being sent to jail on the most spurious of charges, just as many others are too.

DMOZ directory submissions are free of charge for all sites, including commercial ones.

These video guitar lessons for beginners are absolutely free of charge and you can take them in other languages too.

PesaPi is an open-source project, meaning the code is there and you can use it for anything you want, free of charge.

Such equipment must be provided free of charge where it is used only at work (see chapter Health and Safety at Work).

In 7% of cases charge on is used

He was arrested on charges of forced sodomy.

Bibi has been convicted on charges of kidnapping and forced abortion.

He is being tried by the CBI court on charges of colluding with certain companies.

It is almost a post code lottery on charges, and it is about time these were regulated.

Many clashes with the police took place, and fierce baton charges resulted in numerous injuries.

Before a month I took photographs of minors, who were arrested by police on charges of stone throwing.

He has also arrested several Mahathir-era cronies on charges of corruption, a move which was widely applauded by the public.

She remains on bail for these alleged offences and no decision has yet been taken by the Crown Prosecution Service on charges.

Based on the victim's revelations, Chavhan was booked and arrested by the Central police station in Ulhas Nagar on charges of rape.

In 6% of cases charge without is used

Gardai have released without charge a man.

Do not redistribute (even without charge) in any way.

There is an admission fee, but you can visit the caf without charge.

It arrested 42 Tamil youths in 1972 and detained them without charges for two years.

It arrested 42 Tamil youths in 1972 and detained them without charges for two years.

All the messages are free to listen to, and are available for download without charge.

To her embarrassment, she has to ask a hotel End page 79 manager if he will give her a room for the night without charge.

Government has to safeguard the rights of all - including the unpopular (such as two jailed without charges in Guantanamo Bay).

The country also established free health care through government hospitals where even a poor person can obtain a heart operation without charge.

The government required all private stations to broadcast, without charge, selected government news programs and speeches by the prime minister.

In 3% of cases charge to is used

According to Charge 10 against Mr Saydee, the accused (i.

At this juncture I admit I might be open to charges of overdoing the anxiety.

Discount does not apply to charges like international mailing, photo service.

The artiste is scheduled to answer to charges of indecent assault and assault occasioning bodily harm.

Alfina appeared in court on Thursday and was convicted on her own plea of guilty to charges of physical abuse.

Saro-Wiwa and 14 others pleaded not guilty to charges that they procured and counselled others to murder the politicians.

But it can not be done openly and if these deals are exposed, they are open to charges of corruption in the courts of law.

The family, originally from Iraq, pleaded not guilty to charges of suspicion of aggravated assault and unlawful imprisonment.

Warranties on strollers purchased from unauthorized retailers are null and void and all repairs or service issues are subject to charge.

In 1% of cases charge between is used

These cars can run on batteries alone for as much as 100 miles between charges.

Realistically both phones should last you at least a day between charges on normal use and the Nexus 4 should generally outlast the iPhone 5.

In 1% of cases charge by is used

They would be financed by charges levied for social welfare and salary payments made to the accounts.

And the freedom to criticise Muslim fundamentalists or even Islam is chilled by charges of Islamophobia.

Late in 2000, Estrada? s presidency was buffeted by charges that he accepted millions of dollars in payoffs from illegal gambling operations.

You may wish to contact your local customs office for current charges before you order, so you are not surprised by charges when your parcel arrives.

In 1% of cases charge for is used

He said they will continue pushing for charges to be filed against Zimmerman.

On holidays in the sunnier parts of Europe, what can I expect for charges in Italy, Spain or Greece.

We take no responsibility for charges incurred at receivers end after sending the parcel as this can vary depending on the rules of customs in each country.

In 1% of cases charge over is used

Finally, on August 4, 1976, Talwar was given 13 months ' leave and asked to hand over charge to the managing director of the bank.

Army chief holds the baton till he actually hands over charge to the next chief and so it should be with every government servant.

I found this morning that my engine is now very shiny, with the diesel - that our goverment over charges tax on - all over my engine.

Mustafa Kamal will formally hand over charge to the new Board President at the BCB Office, Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, at 11:00am on Friday.

In fact, the 75-year retirement limit -- the same clause under which Tata will hand over charge to Cyrus Mistry -- was probably introduced to help see the old guard off in the 1990s.

In 1% of cases charge with is used

When authorities threatened Rechatin with charges if he proceeded, it was sufficient for Rechatin to abandon that idea.

Like the previous episode, his premiership collapsed with charges of embezzlement leveled against him by President Abdiqasim Salad Hasan.

If you're hitting the high street and plan to flex your credit card, make the most of your shopping spree with charge cards from American Express.

In 1998, when a hurricane struck the Dominican Republic, he went public with charges that the army was siphoning off portions of donated relief supplies.

All players now know that they are being watched at all times by the cameras and that any incident of foul play can be picked up on with charges being brought at a later date.

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