Prepositions used with "celebration"

"in celebration", "of celebration" or "for celebration"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases celebration in is used

Released from the trunk in celebration of.

In celebration, we've made it to read online!

In celebration of its 100-year anniversary, L.

Aucklanders aren't just attending annual events in celebration of all things geek.

Patrick's Day in celebration of all the things Patrick! As part of their exciting St.

It was in celebration of the fact that Action Man and I have been married for 13 years.

People loving Jesus and loving each other, sharing life together and coming together in celebration and mourning.

These computers were paid for largely by friends of my eldest brother, George, in celebration of his 80th birthday.

Far from it: In celebration of 15 years of Martha Stewart Weddings, throngs of people whose lives revolve around your s.

In addition to the 5,000 suitcase, a complete special edition series has been made in celebration of the James Bond centenary.

In 27% of cases celebration of is used

I always think of Sunday as a day of celebration.

At the same time there was the feeling of celebration all about.

The concert was part of celebrations marking the Bengali new year.

And when that day comes, it'll be one to rejoice over and sing songs of celebration.

In the Highline Hall, a live chamber trio set a lush tone for the night of celebration.

The moving applause came as scenes of celebration and reflection unfolded across the U.

A lot of celebrations are held here and almost every night is lively with people having fun, dining and shopping.

For the sake of important consumer records, I recorded the contents of said tub of Celebrations before eating any.

Limousine hire services can be used for all sorts of celebration, regardless of whether for personal or business make use of.

I suppose given we are Irish that has to make some sort of sense but worthy of celebration? I think not it must be something else.

In 21% of cases celebration for is used

Maybe this isn't cause for celebration.

And this should be a cause for celebration.

That may not be a cause for celebration for you.

And when that company is hiring more people than expected it's a cause for celebration.

This is no cause for celebration for KuPS fans, though, since KuPS were already quite poor last term.

It is not to be confused with the Special Olympics where participation alone is a cause for celebration.

If any of the three main parties really had stolen the Green Party's policies it would be a cause for celebration.

Aston Villa - Cause for celebration in the streets of Birmingham - we had two Villa attackers - Benteke and Holman - in double digits.

It was major cause for celebration at Penguin last night and today -- and on Twitter where the Tag Team Tandem were quite properly busy.

If the reopening of the Nato supply route was not enough cause for celebration, we had a proven strongman offering the Americans a reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln.

In 3% of cases celebration with is used

There is nothing wrong with celebration, per se.

At 6pm tomorrow Manchester will be awash with celebration, while in many pubs and homes some of its inhabitants will despair and wonder how it was possible for this to happen.

In 2% of cases celebration on is used

For tickets and more info on Celebration Day, see www.

We have been on Celebration before, and we felt the cruise line did improve a little.

Its emphasis is less on celebration, rather it is an opportunity to give gifts to spirits of the dead to provide comfort and ward them off.

In 2% of cases celebration to is used

Looking forward to celebrations at the end of the week.

Reflect on the need to celebration Christian and Catholic believers, the glory of the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ, and the good those people have done in and for the world.

In 1% of cases celebration at is used

Melissa Klein at Celebrations demonstrates really just how simple it is: if you've carved a pumpkin before, you'll get the basic gist.

In 1% of cases celebration off is used

Simple preparations are underway for the kick off celebration this November.

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