Prepositions used with "theater"

"in theater" or "of theater"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases theater in is used

Catch the film in theatres on 1st April.

I was trained in Theatre mode of punching.

I see maybe 2-6 movies in theatres each year.

She began her career in Theatre and Architectural Design, winning awards in both areas.

You can also use your ipod or MP3 player in theatre so be assured you do not hear anything.

If you wish to see a film about a happy little elf, I'd sure there is still plenty of seating in theatre number two.

I say this not just as a hyper-enthusiastic star-struck fan, but as someone who has been involved in theatre my whole life.

That is why extended patrolling and variations of inkblot approaches to counter-insurgency require more ground troops in theater.

DC Did you have an early interest in theatre? CB Yes, the first play that I wrote was in grade three -- Mr Strawberry Goes Shopping.

In 28% of cases theater of is used

This is a remarkable piece of theatre.

Howard's First Law of Theater: Use it.

Running an activity of theatre was impossible.

In Salman's view, with the increasing number of theatres and the rise in ticket prices, Rs.

It features many former variety stars although many are still doing gigs despite the demise of theatres.

Iowa Public Radio followed suit with interviews of theatre professor Jim Van Valen and student Taylor Koch.

We have a number of theatres and number of young people is getting involved into theatre clubs and also theatre schools.

We have a number of theatres and number of young people is getting involved into theatre clubs and also theatre schools.

Dialogue can solve every problem at our disposal and once we have an enabling environment, the business of theatre will thrive.

Some may remember Miller from a couple of Theatre by the Bay young company shows or Talk is Free Theatre's production of Bye Bye Birdie.

In 9% of cases theater to is used

It comes to theaters on October 26.

A searchable, critical guide to theater is at nytimes.

Do you want to go back to theatres once again? Let's see.

All 103 patients were taken to theatre with a suspected diagnosis of acute appendicitis.

This movie won the highest award at the Sundance film festival and was brought to theaters by Miramax.

Pizza and a DVD or fine dining and the theatre? Fine dining and a DVD; I tend to prefer cinema to theatre.

In the same year he was also awarded a special Obie award for his extraordinary contribution to theatre in the USA.

It's candy-colored and cute, but even if you're not a child yourself, there are plenty of reasons to head out to theaters to see it.

The controversial therapy using sex surrogates is in the national spotlight as there is a new movie heading to theaters on the issue.

In time, we adopted the more flexible five-star system that was common to theatre, book and movie reviews as opposed to the popular and dogmatic 100-point system that wine critics use.

In 7% of cases theater for is used

We could do the same for theatre.

His bashfulness and penchant for theatre left him feeling awkward around his peers.

It's about those who need our theatres, and in turn for theatres to need those people.

The name was based on the cost of admission to the theater (a nickel) and the Greek word for theater (odeon).

Harold returned to his career, becoming a successful portrait painter, while Laura developed a passion for theatre and ballet.

I've always been interested in the potential for theatre to bleed into standard gig settings, and costumes help to accelerate that.

Shortened version: If you aren't passionate about seeing theatre (and all kinds of theatre) AND about writing for theatre, then don't bother.

In 3% of cases theater at is used

Patterson assured that the shows at theaters and country honkytonks will still be as rowdy as fans have become used to.

In 3% of cases theater into is used

We have a number of theatres and number of young people is getting involved into theatre clubs and also theatre schools.

She later claimed she had performing arts in her DNA, revealing that her mother was a singer and her dad was into theatre in college.

My suggestion? Take a week and pick an issue that you feel passionately about, or something cool you saw in another industry that you can tie back into theatre.

In 3% of cases theater with is used

I became quite obsessed with theatre, so I did all the theatre volunteer projects.

Some open boutiques in Siam Center opposite, with Theatre and Baking Soda among the most fondly enduring.

He has been involved with theatre for the last fifty years and has acted in and directed over forty plays.

Besides, Chris has worked with theatres in Asia Pacific countries such as Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and China.

This was another amazing venue with theatre posters from past events on every wall and of course the theatre itself which was perfect for our needs.

In 2% of cases theater about is used

Now news comes that Karnad has been re-invited for next year's Mumbai Litfest (to talk about theatre).

In my opinion, the main cause of this is that there are too many people reviewing shows and not writing about theatre in a more general way.

Passion It probably comes as no surprise that you need passion to become a decent blogger, not only for watching theatre but also for writing about theatre.

In 2% of cases theater by is used

Resupply casualties by theatre and year.

This Mama figure was a lot of times played by theatre and media personality Aly Zaker.

Her work is published by Theatre Communications Group and Samuel French, and she is an alumna of New Dramatists and a member of 13P.

In 2% of cases theater from is used

I just returned from theater around 7.

Dvorak is familiar to Barrie theatre-goers from Theatre by the Bay's 2012 summer show, Man of La Mancha.

Shareeka brought back that lively spark that missed from theatres that show local films and producers will find themselves profiting after a long time.

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