Prepositions used with "preparation"

"In preparation" or "of preparation"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases preparation In is used

A Pastoral Code is in preparation (Mekouar 1997).

In preparation, Jones had bought a used video camera.

While this southern counterattack was in preparation, U.

Interested? Contact us! Sound samples are in preparation and will be posted soon.

Cars are banned from the street in preparation for a tramway opening mid-December.

It is therefore concluded above that they are sealed in preparation for the plagues.

Spending a few minutes in preparation can save you from paying hundreds of dollars in unnecessary interest charges.

Pushing themselves to the limits of their abilities, armies gather on each side in preparation for a final showdown.

Many businesses have since put in place contingency plans in preparation in case similar events occur in the future.

In 25% of cases preparation of is used

After days of preparation, trials were held.

There was no lack of preparation for the task.

The following month was a month of preparation.

Yes, we need years of preparation before we churn out Michael Phelps or Usain Bolts.

It involves ritual -- we love the ritual of preparation and the journey to the hill.

Anyway I guess my point is that a little bit of preparation would have gone a long way.

I enjoy the laughter and smiles around the table rather than dwelling on the hours of preparation and clean up.

I went to Bible school, which was a part of preparation and mission school was a consolidation of the preparation.

Regardless of preparation time and injury we have to stand up and be counted and admit we wre outplayed in the wet.

With the new recommendations, the regulatory burden (and cost of preparation) for these companies will be lightened.

In 6% of cases preparation for is used

Follow the directions on the packaging for preparation.

Noteworthy was the slight change in gameplan for preparation.

You are given time for preparation for exam if you waste it, you will not be given time again.

The laboratory is equipped with a clean room and a vacuum coating unit for preparation of thin films.

Ranu Preparation Gouri prepares Ranu twice in a week and each time takes minimum three days for preparation.

Most of the good text books cost more than 5000 INR and atleast 7 such books are needed for preparation of Gate.

Friday and Saturday for preparation, because for selling on Wednesday she can get sufficient time (5 days) for it.

It will give you enough time for preparations moreover it will make you emotionally strong to accept the fact that you are moving from your place.

In terms of leave, your wife has 16 weeks of government-paid maternity leave to use for preparation before birth, recuperation after birth and the care for your newborn.

In fact, only a tiny portion was removed before the juxtaposition of bloody inert car filler and delicate fossil became too much of a liability for preparation to continue.

In 3% of cases preparation on is used

When deciding on preparation classes you might want to ask yourself: 1.

These two nations spent billions and several years of efforts on preparations to the tournament.

It was to also reassure the candidates of the integrity of the commission and give updates on preparation towards the elections.

Mr Sharma will also brief leaders on preparations for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Sri Lanka in November 2013, and welcome input from Kiribati in.

It would be so nice to have gadgets that improve products and also save on preparation time, all for reasonably prices, this store may just be the place to find them have a look around.

In addition to this the quality of the audio/visual choreography -- which was already excellent in the previous series -- often went unnoticed because of the focus on preparation and planning.

In 2% of cases preparation about is used

Because it's all about preparation.

Surviving a hurricane with minimal loss of life and damage to property is all about preparation.

I will explain the meaning of this expression in the first few sections before going on to talk about preparation in more detail.

I hope that Barbadians are taking stock as from what I have seen during Hugo and now Dean thousands people don't seem to care too much about preparations (even my family).

In 2% of cases preparation to is used

Pay careful attention to preparation and clean-up areas.

If you become a scientist, you are often asked to contribute your knowledge and ingenuity to preparations for international war.

Financial resources may be scarce, and staff or organisations may be reluctant to allocate them to preparations instead of operations.

Management activities on the farm are focussed on parasite control and foot-care, with our thoughts turning to preparation for the breeding season.

The integrated concept should extend beyond tours of duty to preparation too, so we recommend that reservists train alongside regulars with more advanced equipment.

This result was consistent with Fleming's finding that his penicillium notatum culture supernatant was not toxic to rabbits or to preparations of leucocytes in vitro.

In 2% of cases preparation with is used

The whole town was busy with preparations.

The cook was busy with preparations for the evening meal.

I will deal with preparation for living in a collapsing society in the next few sections.

The celebration is held for one day and one night with preparations of food and water, and tapuy (rice wine).

My problem was not with preparation, motivation, or even with a sense of true calling and a sincere desire to serve God with the best of my skills and abilities.

In 1% of cases preparation during is used

These are: The women do not talk with anyone during preparation.

King who has been embroiled in controversy throughout his career was not included in the Reggae Boys squad by coach Whitmore after he broke curfew rules during preparations for a World Cup qualifier.

In 1% of cases preparation from is used

What does stand out are the rather dazzling visual effects, many of which are bigger and bolder due to the shift from preparation to action.

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