Prepositions used with "command"

"in command" or "of command"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases command in is used

This country is in great trouble with Oblamer in command.

Run this command in Command Terminal: firefox -p -no-remote 2.

The officer in command was Detective Chief Superintendent Jack Slipper.

As for example, it's like H: />CD BOOT to execute CD BOOT command in command prompt.

We are no longer in command but called to follow a spontaneity whose origin is within us.

One of the Taliban leaders was believed to have been Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour, the group's second in command.

He was not the head of HOE but second in command to the Big Man who spoke through him anytime he wanted anything done.

But it was to no immediate avail as the visiting Red Army side defended stoutly, with goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev in command of his net.

In 40% of cases command of is used

It will be given publicity through the chain of command.

Their chain of command doesn't tolerate leisure or pleasure.

But Zia failed to restore the chain of commands in the army.

This means that tank regiment and the artillery units were outside the army chain of command.

Step 7: In the second command prompt window that you had opened, run the following set of commands.

But I've been promoted up through the chain of command with greater speed and success than you have.

It will also have the capability to store sequences of commands so you can pre-program the robot to move along fixed paths.

It all comes down to the money trail and the chain of command coming from the Vatican and the Royal Crown Enterprises in London.

Harlemite Azealia Banks strong-armed her way into the running with brash lyricism and a fearless disdain for rap's chain of command.

There was no American government inquiry into MacArthur's behaviour of the kind that addressed alleged failures of command at Pearl Harbor.

In 5% of cases command on is used

The division commander, Rear Admiral Richard W.

Or make farting noises on command, like the belugas.

On 29 June the division commander, Rear Admiral Charles C.

He also could not perform simple motions on command, such as wiggle his toes.

Then, as if on command, after sundown they all disappeared, leaving us in peace.

On command from M (Judi Dench ), Eve shoots -- and Bond falls to an assumed death.

This book was the intellectual starting point for his critical work on command economies.

I also want to try attaching a pen to the body that can be raised and lowered on command.

CHAPTER IX UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLIES Assembly to disperse on command of Magistrate or police officer 127.

Command of the air, so essential to western-style war, depends in a transoceanic theater on command of the seas.

In 3% of cases command for is used

Quick Access toolbar A small toolbar to the right of the Office button that includes buttons for commands you use often, such as Save and Undo.

In 2% of cases command from is used

Stennis strike group, removed from command for the same reason? There are MANY MANY questions but very few answers.

MacArthur's disgraceful neglect of duty was much worse and would appear to have justified at the very least dismissal from command, and arguably consideration of court martial.

In 2% of cases command over is used

On 10 July admiral and staff reached Tokyo, and two days later Ruble took over command of Task Group 96.

The four-star general took over command in Afghanistan in July of 2011 from then General David Petraeus.

On the outbreak of the Second World War de Gaulle took over command of the 5th Army's tank force in Alsace.

On reporting to ComNavFE, Admiral Hartman was instructed to take over command of all naval forces engaged in escort, support, and blockade, with the exception of the ROK Navy.

In 2% of cases command to is used

With a view to commands the attention.

They were not eligible to command ships but could stand watches.

This rank was more highly paid than any other rating and were the only ratings allowed to command any sort of vessel.

The first cloud, magnetic missile in its hearth, joins the second Joe runs to commands and launches the Phoenix downward, at a high speed.

They could pass examinations qualifying them to command prizes and tenders and act as Second Master of vessels too small to be allocated a warranted Master.

In 1% of cases command with is used

Humans, of course, communicate with dogs with commands and phrases.

Here's what you need: In addition, you should be a little comfortable with command line access to your server.

We were in contact with command and they told us he'd arrive in another five minutes, four minutes, one minute.

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