Prepositions used with "magazine"

"in magazine" or "of magazine"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases magazine in is used

So that could be in magazines or books.

You can have QR codes in magazines, billboards or flyers.

His work appears regularly in magazines such as Elle Decoration andRed.

Prior to founding New West, John enjoyed a fifteen-year career in magazine publishing.

It was a recession, and I'd just finished my master's work at Syracuse in magazine journalism.

Really for a house or something, it's far more worthwhile to get in magazines and online than to win an award.

Her piece comes on the heels of the 2012 VIDA Report tracking the lopsided coverage male and female writers in magazines.

Now I understand when people told me, and when they spoke about in magazines, about things not being as clear as water in boxing.

Read news, go to your favorite websites, search for things while browsing and also try some of the suggested articles in Magazine.

In 26% of cases magazine of is used

There is no shortage of magazines featuring IRL drivers.

She has appeared on dozens of magazine covers, from AARP to Vogue.

The use of magazines in the ESL class should never be underestimated.

Were we protected from the ' realities ' of magazine publishing? Sometimes.

Cut your favorite images out of magazines and file it in a binder by subject type.

That's quite a myth regarding this activity, which unfortunately has been advertised by plenty of magazines.

At the end of magazine there used to be academic jobs, like jobs for Assistant professor, post doctoral researcher.

Lists of the healthiest foods in the world are a common feature of magazine articles, TV programmes, blogs and other websites.

Who finds a job reading those types of magazines, right? But you know what -- last weekend I was struggling with a graphic design project.

In 11% of cases magazine to is used

It is a classic piece that makes its way to magazines and reading lists year after year.

She was soon at work, selling his essays to magazines until Hillerman was ready to move from freelancing to fiction.

It may or may not surprise you to know that I have on occasion written to magazines and newspapers other than Smash Hits.

What's Maghound? Maghound is a magazine subscription membership that just might change the way that we subscribe to magazines.

So, yes, I definitely, definitely think I should be subscribing to magazines in my niche all the time, but especially when job searching.

There are many things you can do in order to keep up-to-date: Subscribing to magazines, attending courses or conferences, being part of groups, etc.

You can set up your magazine subscriptions solely with getting a job in mind, and when you land a job, you can reward yourself by switching over to magazines that are purely for leisure.

This in turn would change the call to action and question why more women don't subscribe to magazines offering investment advice instead of just catching the basics found in women's magazines.

The New York Intellectuals were full members and participants in all of this and turned to magazines as the usher of Marxist revolution with the deftness fitting men raised among these radicals.

In 9% of cases magazine from is used

Produce a folder either on your pc or strips torn from magazines of images that grab your attention.

Its a strange feeling to read all the comments from those persons only known from magazines and booklets in my youth.

His knowledge of hip hop, I imagine, has come from magazines, youtube, the odd concert when Weezy or Kanye has come to the UK to perform or other online blogs made up other peoples opinions.

In 7% of cases magazine for is used

I hope that helps! Eric October 16th, 2007 at 8:19 pm Chris says: I'd an editor who hires creative types for magazine illustration work and comics.

Before relocating to Peterborough and finding a new focus, Ellis wrote for magazines and worked for years in radio advertising, writing copy and jingles.

A storage drawer by my feet had space for shoes and a laptop, but I thought it would have been good to have a slot for magazines and a place to put a bottle of water.

I have been writing regularly for magazine and I have started working on a book for over a year now and whenever i sit down to do the writing, what comes daunting is the volume of work I need to do.

In 4% of cases magazine at is used

Take a look at magazines, books, blogs and websites.

So I spend my time (when watching TV in the evenings) sketching and re-sketching more designs and looking at magazines for inspiration.

In 4% of cases magazine on is used

You come on magazine covers, say things and it gets talked about in the media.

French people overwhelmingly rely on magazines and on their local daily newspaper for news.

In 2001, 58 percent of advertising dollars was spent on newspaper ads, and 17 percent was spent on magazine ads.

Invest some time in internships, develop relationships with editors on magazines that interest you and keep sending in your work.

New data on magazines including the Atlantic, Harper 's, and the Nation finds an overwhelming imbalance when it comes to who gets published, and who gets written about.

In 4% of cases magazine with is used

We also get updated with magazines, fashion blogs and websites.

They have begun to compete with magazines as they don't rely on advertising.

Following an investigation into the distant past of Justin, and after consultation with magazines on the biography of the teen star, experts have discovered this.

Things were getting pretty mad with magazines, UGLs and 66s getting unloaded and you could tell from the multiple Sgt's voice that he was starting to get a bit worried.

Aside from her mold-breaking work with magazines, it is the huge legacy she has left with The Metropolitan Museum of Art that has far more effect on us than I was ever aware.

BJP: Do you still enjoy working with magazines, even though you have so much success with books and exhibitions? JT: I do yes, it gives you a different audience and it has a bigger print run.

In 3% of cases magazine beyond is used

I can't pin down Beyond magazine at all, with its features on Judi Dench and Paloma Faith.

Luke has just confirmed on facebook that he is doing an interview for the Leader and beyond magazine.

It's two separate interviews, the leader which is his local paper and beyond magazine which I presume is this http: //www.

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