Prepositions used with "love"

"in love" or "of love"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases love in is used

Fall in love and get married 2.

I'd now in love with the shoes.

And I like him in Love Rain too.

Just fall in love with the handbag heaven that is going to make it the best place to be.

My sister fall in Love with somebody, &; we don't know much about him she left the House.

This is why I've fallen in love with the puff once more, something I was trying to avoid.

And they fell in love, and the next thing, Sara's husband is calling me to say ' Sara moved in with Mick this morning.

In turn, American readers are in love with David McCullough -- more than ten million copies of his books are in print.

She knew that once she truly fell in love, no matter what she did in future, she would be unable to retract her heart.

New York psychologist, Professor Arthur Arun, has been studying the dynamics of what happens when people fall in love.

In 34% of cases love of is used

It's 2 different kinds of love.

The journey of love is not simple.

What is I? I is sphere full of love.

This kind of love does not consider others at all and cares only for self-gratification.

You will end up resentful, upset and worst of all, falling out of love with photography.

This particular album is mainly, the feelings is just about me being in and out of love.

There, the object of chanting and singing is to make sounds pleasing to the Creator's ear, out of love or fear of him.

Mara could be the figure on the elephant holding a bow -- again symbolising the God of Love by his traditional weapon.

Reminiscing on her experience in prison, the artiste revealed,? The inmates showed me lots of love, care and sympathy.

I just adore your hat! A work of love, labor and mainly art, I agree with you and understand and feel your frustration.

In 8% of cases love with is used

I was burning with love for her.

They are made with love and soul.

How do you win, asks Ernesto? With love.

Ever since that time I walk before God simply, in faith, with humility, and with love.

From Russia With Love A let down from Dr No, this one is way too long and rather dull.

We also spent time and interacted with lovely Pastor Bose and their beautiful children.

No more now except to wish you all the best in the New Year, with love to all from auntie and uncle and many thanks.

In all their dealings, the husband and wife should try and accommodate each other and live with love for each other.

Hope this feedback makes sense to you, and helps towards some clarity? With love, Gisele Yes, you remember correctly.

When women's willpower is integrated with love, they demonstrate the greatest leadership on Earth during modern times.

In 5% of cases love for is used

One hundred percent go for love.

Hence, she took a step back, for love.

I hope for love but it will not define.

Chorus: Looking for love in all the wrong places Staring you right in the face Bet you.

Then, marry for the right reasons: for love, not for money or appearances or expectations.

I have my preferences, and I do not think it is necessary for love to be segregated by Age.

That might have been Ruoxi's final wish after suffering so much for love but 4th prince would never make the same wish.

However, having been a rather touchy-feely person without a lover for more than a year, I feel I am too hungry for love.

We're supposed to make heroes out of sports stars, but what's everyone else's excuse? At least Broadwell did it for love.

Bieber fans, known as ' Beliebers ', praised him on social media websites for showing his darker side and fighting for love.

In 3% of cases love about is used

It's taught me a lot about love.

It was, sadly, rarely about love.

The truth about love Dance pop is the word.

There's another film about love in the Choleric Age and it's called The painted veil.

Then I told them we were going to meditate and after that I was going to talk about LOVE.

The album, ' The truth about love ' was released on September 14 th this year by RCA records.

The poem is a discussion about love between a poet and in inquirer, who poses two questions for the poet to answer.

It was thinking about love and friendship and mostly about what are the main values in ones life, my main values in life.

This entry is taken from Max Lucado's book about love being patient -- and is meant to remind us about true patience in love.

As a teenager, I wrote poetry -- truly awful stuff about love, broken hearts, lust and all that time-wasting but so painfully-felt angst.

In 1% of cases love by is used

Only by love and foregiveness can we hope to achieve peace.

We can be possessed by love, amazed by the supernatural power of love coursing through us.

Socially useful behaviour is inspired by love for others, not merely by fear of punishment.

God isn't the angry perfectionist, but he is the Father, Son and Spirit, bound together by love.

Second Conversation: Brother Lawrence told me he had always been governed by love without selfish views.

People who live with compassion naturally tend to invite more respect, fuelled by love rather than fear.

Conquer anger by love; conquer evil by good; conquer the stingy one by giving; conquer the liar by truth.

This God can be approached only by love, not speculation, through moral reorientation, not rational deduction.

Postscript Quote Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, singers of songs.

In 1% of cases love from is used

Surrender is completely different from love.

The language required is learned only from love.

We melt together with a grace that comes from love.

Suffering is the place where you fell from loves grace.

Suffering is the place where you fell from loves grace.

Apart from love, it is also necessary to respect the husband.

So, here is one more song - from Love Actually, pointed out by a friend of mine.

So watch the thought and its ways with care, and let it spring from love born out of concern for all beings.

The story tells that without money a person is not only deprived of the big house and car, but also from love.

You are capable of almost anything on condition that what you want to create comes from Love and is created from Love.

In 1% of cases love on is used

They thrive on love and discipline.

Bands are not Communes full of hippies that live on love alone.

Dollar's teachings on love at his job, trying to be more helpful to people.

The purpose of the covenant was to build a personal relationship, built on love and trust.

This enables us to understand why the romantic emphasis on love as a feeling is so misleading.

The second release on Love Fever Records, LFR002, comes courtesy of burning London talent Citizen.

About! Thank you for visiting Soundoflife! We try to bring you the best quotes and sayings on love, life and things we care.

On Love: As I've told all of my friends rather candidly, I don't venture into relationships if I don't see it going anywhere.

On Love Out Loud -- and really on your older albums, too -- your music sounds very modern, but there's a nostalgic undertone to it.

His charisma obviously went a long way toward patching any hard feelings occasioned by his freewheeling views on love, sex and parenthood.

In 1% of cases love through is used

Or freedom through love's security, if you will.

His approach was through love, care, brotherhood and fraternity.

In Walker's vision, grace is available through love and a deep connection to the beauty of the world.

God/dess is responsible for us through love and we are responsible to become or reclaim this divine love.

Paul writes with a great sweep of ideas in the first chapter summed up in his words ' God chose us to live through love in his presence.

Through words such as these we are able to empower our self to be all that we are, truly magnificent beings, created of and through love.

Then I grasped the meaning of the greatest secret that human poetry and human thought and belief have to impart: The salvation of man is through love and in love.

With this injunction it became clear that these excellent teachings were to be spread through love and affection, rather than by force or by acting unjustly towards others.

In 1% of cases love to is used

There wasn't a lot to love about last week.

I refer to this movement from will to power to the will to Love.

If the members of Boko Haram were to Love ' thy neighbour as thyself '.

Yes, some few will choose to be extinguished for eternity rather than to love and serve God.

I would also like you to work on your self esteem and suggest Learn to Love Yourself Enough for that.

Welcome to Love, Love, Love, the newish play by Mike Bartlett, playing at the Royal Court until 3rd June.

One needs to be rooted in the body in order to invite heaven to be on the earth and to invite the will to Love to be made manifest in form.

The Freedom to Love Even as they're arguing, even as Judas is preparing to betray Him, even as the hour is heavy, Jesus has perfect liberty to love.

Friday, November 09, 2012 Read: The Universal Heart - A Practical Guide to Love Once again, I read another book by one of my favourite authors, Stephanie Dowrick.

The whole world could go against Osho, it's fine with me because I'd not a religious man, I don't need anyone else to love my master or agree with him so that I'll feel comforted.

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