Prepositions used with "principle"

"in principle" or "of principle"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases principle in is used

In principle, therefore, XSL 1.

And I agree with all of that in principle.

I see no problem in principle with that either.

The third assertion? the strike was illegal, not only in principle but in practice.

He seems to transcend technique, at least in principle, such that instincts prevail.

To balance the oxygens, you could in principle add either H 2 O or OH - to the equation.

It is important, as Mel Brooks has shown us, to defend bad taste in principle, even if we don't like its results.

OK, that's fair, although I suspect that in modern society this sounds better in principle than it is in reality.

Modernist painting in its latest phase has not abandoned the representation of recognizable objects in principle.

They share the same basic architecture, similar to the Pentium-M series in principle but offering 64-bit support.

In 23% of cases principle of is used

It is also a question of principle.

For us, it's a matter of principle.

We have always had a strong core of principles.

However you can not dispute that Balasaheb was an honest man, he was a man of principles.

Currently, many parents remove their children from public education as a matter of principle.

That character has somehow stayed with me -- a school teacher, a man of principles, a father.

A nature, then, is what we have said; and the things that have a nature are those that have this sort of principle.

It's all connected by a set of principles, and discussing it, reveals the strengths and weaknesses of those principles.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee claims that ' This is a question of principle, it's a right to be able to access the web anywhere '.

Paradox Theory includes a series of principles that can be applied to the individual psyche as well as organizational dynamics.

In 13% of cases principle on is used

Hence, they object to the field trials on principle.

It was, however, right to drop Pietersen on principle.

But firmness on principle does not mean policy by diktat.

Some people will continue to fight the fight on principle.

I don't know the truth to that but on principle I'd not paying it.

I promise to live a life based on principles of Guru Granth Sahibi.

Be ready to apologize if you've made a mistake -- Don't act on principle.

Andrew says: I base my Christian beliefs on principles (relative to a community ), i.

The press club, which on principle does not function as a trade union body, is basically a place of recreations for media persons.

Declaring war in the USSR would have been fine on principle - but the realities of facing two such powers at once would be suicidal.

In 4% of cases principle to is used

Again, I defer back to principle.

There are changes to Principles 2, 5, 6, and 8.

Questioning commitment to principles is not what is on trial here.

Recourse to principles in order to identify the rule of the concrete case has odd effects.

We need a government committed to principles, not cynical assumptions about what they can or can not do.

Shaffer's Law: The effectiveness of a politician varies in inverse proportion to his commitment to principle.

Instead they speak to principles and concerns that all the population can share irrespective of their belief or non-belief?

Since we are physicist we might prefer to think of the machine as operating according to principles, say some set of mathematical regularities.

After 9/11, the human rights were often compromised in their commitments to principles of liberty, equality, dignity, fair process, and the rule of law.

In 3% of cases principle by is used

What sets him above is the patience honed by principle.

Hence they have identified the rule of the case reasoning by principles.

The Court of Appeal said that it had reached this conclusion by applying common law principles of construction, guided by principles of natural justice.

This Chapter dictates the Responsibilities of Leadership and expects State Officers to be responsible and guided by principles of leadership and integrity.

In 2% of cases principle upon is used

It is a technical phrase peculiar to prize courts, and depends upon principles of public policy as distinguished from the common law.

What of the Roman Empire? Western civilization is built in part upon principles of the Roman Empire, most particularly the Judaeo- Christian principles that it adopted.

Given that states are not naturally given but politically constructed on agreed upon principles, there is no reason to doubt that people sharing common language can not form separate nations.

In 2% of cases principle with is used

He was a kind, thoughtful and brave man who enriched public life with principle and integrity.

The question of Judas ' salvation has little to do with principles concerning suicide or eternal security.

Aesthetic education uses sensibility to move the person, and does not persuade the person with principles.

A 400-strong communications agency specialising in digital, data and direct response marketing, Edge operates in Vietnam and Thailand with principle offices in Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

In 1% of cases principle about is used

It's not about the effort it would take me to clean it; it's about principle.

Last lecture was about Principles of Marketing and I had great interest in this subject.

Her judgment is not so much about principle, but about concrete relations, relations of humans to each other, to animals, to plants to the reality of nature.

In 1% of cases principle for is used

Oz They are there for money, not for principle.

The Taliban should by what passes for principle in their view and you're welcome to applaud them Cliff.

That Green protest vote is looking less and less like a protest and more like a match for principles, ability and action.

Don't you think that your children will think you the biggest fool this side of the ape divide? Don't get me wrong, I am for principle and all that, but I am also a realist.

In 1% of cases principle without is used

Spot-on, Jack: He's the hollow man: a man without principle or substance.

JackD Sep 14, 2012 12:06:00 AM He's not stupid; he's the hollow man: a man without principle or substance.

A young man recently called into my radio show, Springboard the Virtual University, and argued that living without principles was driven by individualism, which is a natural offshoot of capitalism.

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