Prepositions used with "percentage"

"in percentage" or "of percentage"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases percentage in is used

You can quantify some of your skills or achievements in percentages, others in a pie chart.

Total foreclosures are a large amount in dollar terms, but a tiny amount in percentage terms.

Whenever's there's less than 100 in a group talking about stats in percentages bcomes kind of meaningless.

Bush in 2004 in percentages (44%) for a Republican that topped any Hispanic vote for any Republican in history.

Should you cancel a confirmed booking, a cancellation fee in percentage of the total costs of the booking will be charged.

Despite kaoru's assignment being in percentage, kenshin indirectly does partially exceed with the configuration to experience, and kurogasa seems him.

Another surprise, the crisis has not stopped this movement: even in 2009, own funds increased in absolute and in percentage, indicates the France Bank.

IT became a proven practice around Y2K, finance started taking off around five to seven years ago and we're now seeing finance almost catch up with IT in percentage terms.

In 25% of cases percentage of is used

Panel c) Concordance plot of percentage change.

It refers to a list of percentages and asks about facts concerning that list.

The law of percentages says that a guy of his status will do damage at least 30 percent of the time.

The ranking, which was done on the basis of percentage in price indices in US dollar ($ ), placed Bulgaria and Brazil ahead of Ghana with 200.

If you take a look at the two charts below, you'll notice that everything else is relatively the same save for a few tenths of percentage points here and there.

In 14% of cases percentage on is used

They work on percentage profit.

If Geelong won, it would have been fighting with South for fourth place on percentage.

Central costs are recovered from participants based on percentage of transaction volumes.

Rankings are based on percentage of fiscal year revenue growth during the period from 2007-2011.

In this chart all characters are arranged in ascending order based on percentage of character frequency.

In 8% of cases percentage For is used

Such a definition of the allowed conversion for percentages is specified on the property definition.

Such a definition of the allowed conversion for percentages is specified on the property definition.

In 6% of cases percentage by is used

Was the Minister referring to spending on public services as measured by percentage of GDP? I don't think so.

In 5% of cases percentage save is used

In 2005-06 the Islanders used close to fifty players, his second half save percentage on that team was 919.

In 3% of cases percentage about is used

The more I think about percentages the less clear I am.

There may be misconception about percentage of relevant keyword or keyword density.

In 3% of cases percentage into is used

At first, it was like a joke, but the conversation took a strange dimension when he was asked to convert into percentage the performance of his ministry in the current year.

In 3% of cases percentage to is used

But why leave it to percentages? Pick a far corner of the goal, left or right, doesn't matter.

In 2% of cases percentage like is used

Descendant elements with inherit the 2em and have line height relative to their font size? Kaashif: If you use em units for line-height, they will operate like percentage units.

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