Prepositions used with "mind"

"in mind" or "of mind"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 75% of cases mind in is used

Bearing in mind that it has a 2.

Bear in mind shape and lifestyle.

Always having my readers in mind.

But this did not allow it because keeping the character in mind you don't show emotions.

Keep in mind, it features much more now when compared with professional-looking records.

Let's also bear in mind that these figures correspond only to the numbers of applicants.

Becoming widely known as an uncompromising scientfic doomer isn't quite what my parents had in mind for me as a child.

The only things I would recommend bearing in mind are: cut rather than boost - eq's are not for amplifying the signal.

It's also worth bearing in mind that the currents can occasionally be quite strong and you shouldn't swim too far out.

I had in mind the kind of plastic board that we use to cut vegetables, it's quite stiff but has a certain flexibility.

In 21% of cases mind of is used

Chalo, peace of mind for parents.

The speech changed a lot of minds.

We can help offer you peace of mind.

It will not be mind-element, which is the passive state of mind operating in deep sleep.

Now is the time that forward-thinking companies will grow share of mind and market share.

It was more of a state of mind that we were trying to create with him more than anything.

This may bring about significant improvements to your state of mind and help you have a more positive outlook on life.

Having peace of mind and to believe in God -- the Almighty Healer -- is just as important as taking herbs or medicine.

Paul What a fascinating look into a kind of service so basic to the gospel, yet not at the top of mind for most of us.

When some prefer spots that give them peace of mind and silence, certain others look for crowded and crazy destinations.

In 2% of cases mind to is used

Memories of childhood sprang to mind.

I asked a question if one came to mind.

As I read your post one thing came to mind.

Immediately the name Persia came to mind and I thought how apt given the look of the car.

Unfortunately, the sorry present came to mind fast as I salivated in Air Jamaica's glorious past.

Now, the first question that many of us came to mind was to hear that, is it better than Android 4.

When I looked at the above image of the sheep burning, Peter's age-opening prophetic reference to Joel 2 came to mind.

Aye chihuahua! Hope I've brought to mind a few pleasant thoughts of what comforts many a wandering and wondering soul.

Second, it brought to mind the practice of impaling cattle thieves (in force in precolonial and early colonial times).

These are the impressions, the ideas brought to mind by taking part in this extraordinary commemoration of the 50th anniversary.

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