Prepositions used with "context"

"in context" or "of context"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases context in is used

I am putting the news in context.

They're both great, but in context.

We need to set the stars in context.

In context of the movie, the Student of the Year should be one who embodies the spirit.

Just in context of questions or themes of the board, as my result of view for the moment.

I wish that my problems had been looked at in context of my highly successful work history.

But let's put this in context because, you know, sometimes we talk about these issues as though they're stovepiped.

Food comments: cooked tomatoes are great in context, tho raw ones are fine too as sandwich fillings or with salads.

But these events also need to be considered in context - had the times been different, this war may not have occurred.

To put the situation in context, Colonel (later General) Yakubu Gowon became Head of State of Nigeria at the age of 32.

In 40% of cases context of is used

You then take me out of context.

My words have been taken out of context.

Both take the fragment of verse out of context.

Not many of those at the moment!! Whatvr u r insinuating z tactically out of context.

None of his emails were taken out of context; at least, none that he complained about.

Hah! And now, paradoxically, you are saying that verse above is quoted out of context.

And that they did! Through the years Buzz and Cathy have served many people in our church in a variety of contexts.

The other helper, OffscreenRenderer, takes a canvas and lets you generate any number of contexts to composite onto it.

He was going to do a hatchet job on me no matter what and he took the whole thing about the WSJ correction out of context.

While I am not giving its full context, I hope what is being said here, is not assumed in a way, then taken out of context.

In 7% of cases context into is used

To put this into context, New Hampshire has a population of around 1.

It also places the design and development of subdivisions into context.

It's exactly the same but with Situation and Task combined into Context.

Personally I don't think so, which does somewhat put the huge upswell of complaint into context.

Multi-billion ringgit promises Let's just put the cost of the opposition's promises into context.

The problem with all these sort of statistics, I reckon, is that they need to be put into context.

To put things into context though, if Armstrong was doping, seeing as most/everyone was too, he was still the best rider anyway.

Still, I called another source and then another-- 24 in all--to get to find out exactly what the emails meant and to put it into context.

To put this aim into context, the Modern Money collection at the British Museum comprises over 160,000 objects from about 1700 to the present.

Our virtual classroom is proving a real winner and really puts into context how soon to be released NetSupport School 11 can help enhance the learning process.

In 3% of cases context on is used

Trying to classify function depends on context.

More on Context As stated earlier, the context of communication is its environment.

As Google moves toward ranking sites based on context, it becomes smarter at detecting co-citations.

There is also the possibility that red-and-black presses different subliminal buttons depending on context.

Doesn't a lot depend on context? I cringe at the campus of Duke University, attempting to be Oxford in the South.

Usually this is the Roman Catholic Church, but depending on context it could easily be the Church of Mormon, or what have you.

It is fascinating to see how many words can be twisted and shaped into several different meaning depending on context or spelling.

In 2% of cases context about is used

B: Yeah it is, so it's about context.

Begin to make some judgements about context.

It assumes you know at least a little bit about context free grammars and parsing.

As for the one star thing, it's all about context - reviewing a film isn't a scientific, mathematical process.

And the guy using the term ' girlfriend mode ' isn't about context? It's OK when it's yourself using gendered insults because your ' context ' is to be considered.

In 2% of cases context for is used

CAR stands for Context, Action, Result.

You can see a gif of the incident here for context.

Here's his comment for context: Ramamurthy November 12, 2012 at 8:25 am edit Lot of talk.

Evidence resides in the relationship between records, that is, related records must be filed together for context to be constructed.

In 2% of cases context to is used

Paying attention to context is a fundamental critical move.

And just like the grepping loons of yore, he is oblivious to context.

The data points to the fact that worldview is often tied to contexts and conditions.

Interestingly, the TNA had allowed the TULF to context two of the three Pradeshiya Sabhas in Kilinochchi that voted last Saturday, and in both those the government got over 40% of the vote.

In 2% of cases context without is used

Why? Because I will be tasting without context.

Hence, that figure is completely meaningless without context, as is the figure you provided.

But any discussion of what the video says about race relations in Australia, shouldn't be done without context.

Back in 1885 Dr Herman Ebbinghaus showed that knowledge gained without context is lost very quickly (about 50% is forgotten within an hour).

In 1% of cases context with is used

More interesting, perhaps, in this day and age people just can't say sorry or something and try to do better with context in future.

In 1% of cases context within is used

All of these are presented within context.

Students often complain that they can not see the point of learning algebra so all of the teaching of skills here is placed within contexts.

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