Prepositions used with "politics"

"In politics" or "of politics"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases politics In is used

Anarchy prevailing in politics.

I have zero interest in politics.

A week is a long time in politics.

It served as another reminder that what matters in politics is rarely content alone.

I suppose I've learned the extent to which communication is so important in politics.

Kenny is known in politics as a deliverer - meaning that he delivers a policy change.

When, in politics, the question changes, the answers can be startling, to those who didn't see what just happened.

Canadians interested in politics are not indifferent to Trudeau: he incited extreme feelings in both friends and foes.

When you are married and in politics, and it comes out that you've been having sex with someone else, that's a scandal.

Stein, when will you be running for president? You're well-educated, articulate, and have a strong history in politics.

In 29% of cases politics of is used

Such is the nature of politics.

That is the purview of politics.

If he only had stayed out of politics.

As the stakes of politics increase with government's size, so does voter engagement.

I doubt if any on my side of politics is bothered or surprised by Ms Bennett's comment.

Ken is a relic of a bygone era of politics, and his brand doesn't cut much ice anymore.

You are only going to go head-long Xinto a massive pool of politics -- something you've said you wanted Xto avoid.

Obviously those on my side of politics focus on Big Brother and Big State and OWS focus on banks and corporations.

Black people are a tremendous burden to America, in terms of politics, economics, health costs, crime, and culture.

With all due respect to your opinion, I do do agree with that the state of politics in Malaysia has gone to the dogs.

In 8% of cases politics about is used

Let's say you have a blog about politics.

Church history has been all about politics.

This quote is about politics Search on Google.

As for charging them with not caring about politics, that's a ridiculous argument.

Jesus comes up in discussions about politics, science and history, among a myriad.

Back then the average Joe knew enough about politics to raise a fuss about corruption.

For the majority of my life I never really cared about politics but I always considered myself to be a Democrat.

Celia Sanchez learned about politics from him, and as his assistant, she saw the effect of extreme poverty on his patients.

Sagarika Ghose: Now the question that many ask, what about politics? Would you like to be an MP one day? Aamir Khan: No, no.

This was not about politics or party, as in my opinion both parties are responsible for the situation we are in as a country.

In 7% of cases politics to is used

I have already decided to come to politics.

And this comes back as much to politics as technology.

I usually go by a 70% margin when it comes to politics.

He returned to politics in 1958 when he was elected president during the Algerian crisis.

Actually, Ola (Olaa) is a good guy, but since has been devoted to politics, he's confused.

Dudus must now show his mettle and bring an end to politics and criminality by exposing the truth.

When Truman &; Jacobson failed during the recession of 1922, bankruptcy turned Harry Truman from business to politics.

Ask them to explain their beliefs without reference to politics and what they say precisely mirrors conservative philosophy.

While King projected the image of a solitary person committed only to politics, Levine's portrait is altogether more rounded.

Now, as the country hammers out a new political system, young Egyptians suddenly attracted to politics are mostly unqualified.

In 5% of cases politics into is used

We shouldn't put religion into politics.

The decision to enter into politics at this is wrong.

It is largely the intrusion of religion into politics.

Daburghboy So when Pinocchio grew up he went into politics and changed his name to Mitt.

He broke into politics via his family in Gampaha and became an MP via the SLFP thanks to Chandrika.

Some individuals who lived from hand to mouth are now? millionaires? following their entry into politics.

This is not the good time to enter into politics just to give the pain of congress governance for another 7 years.

Whoever enters into politics is bound to be corrupt or no one can enter politics unless he is ready for corruption.

If some Idiot has dragged Religion into Politics to gain favor of ignorant, why still Ahmadi are treated like that.

Clearly the only reason he wants to get back into politics is to get his grubby hands on some more golden handshakes.

In 5% of cases politics on is used

The effect on politics has been astounding.

The only evil in this debate on politics is you and your ilk.

Plus an occasional commentator on politics, taxes, and policy.

On Politics and Money Concentration of wealth yields concentration of political power.

This Patch on Politics post is published on the Patch network throughout the Chicago area.

By the way - how many debates, insights etc have I started on politics? The answer is ZERO.

Maybe people should take these shows and the news on politics with a grain of salt and actually think for yourselves.

Goldberg is known for his contributions on politics and culture to National Review Online, where he is editor-at-large.

But that does not mean that your views on politics, economics, or life in general are any less valid than Rajneeh's views.

I found out that everyone was very bearish on the economy and was extremely bearish on politics and the lack of structural reform.

In 4% of cases politics from is used

Pratul retired from politics in 1947.

I had no choice now but to retire from politics.

It changed everything, from politics to economics.

Peter Vaghi, whom he had known before Vaghi switched from politics to the priesthood.

After his retirement from politics de Gaulle wrote the first three volumes of his memoirs.

They have dominated everything from politics, education, the media as well as government services.

But he said that he could not abandon his values to win elections, and was increasingly moving away from politics.

In 1934 Gandhi resigned from politics, and was replaced by Jawaharlal Nehru, who later became India's first Prime Minister.

Others would just forget about the whole thing and retire from politics like Musa Hitam because the effort is insurmountable.

Retired from politics in 1962 and migrated to India leaving his beloved motherland for whom he gave the best years of his youth.

In 4% of cases politics with is used

Same with politics and global warming.

You seem to be confusing religion with politics.

Scientific rigor has nothing to do with politics.

All of them are percolated with politics and an inevitable possibility of failure.

It's got nothing to do with politics and everything to do with credibility and not wanting to kid myself.

Since libertarianism deals primarily with politics, the focus is entirely on the use of force between people.

Focus groups had said that Kenyans were fed up with politics and wanted something different in their newspapers.

As Sarath Fonseka said he is a soldier and has nothing to do with politics or government policies regarding devolution.

Nothing to do with politics / scandals and the other obsessions bloggers on this site can't seem to draw their minds from.

Qose association with politics was a new venture for Pam Humphrey, Jessie Wilson, Flora Benson, Anna Durkin, and Julia Dodge.

In 2% of cases politics by is used

The war policy is tainted by politics.

Everything he does is driven by politics.

Which is why a lot of people are turned off by politics.

The state-run church is very much influenced by politics.

State-run churches in China are seen as being influenced by politics.

It is disheartening, then, to see the DSI apparently swayed by politics.

This debate is too important to be derailed by politics and parochialism.

I can see my daughters getting totally turned off by politics -- and I don't blame them.

The Olympics are supposed to be nonpolitical but have been marked (and marred) by politics.

In 2% of cases politics for is used

It's a rock concert for politics nerds.

Besides, he doesn't have the brains for politics.

For politics, economics and life as if freedom mattered every day.

So stop waiting around for politics to change this country back or to move it forward.

No, it wasn't a great week for him, for politics in general or the Lib Dems in particular.

Seems like nit picking and personal atttacks is what passes for politics in Canada these days.

Parties are dying on their feet, contempt for politics is alarming and only radical change will jump-start its motors.

On the presence of Perkasa members at the mosque, Yusoff said members of the congregation had sought their help to prevent the mosque from being used for politics.

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