Prepositions used with "point"

"in point" or "of point"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases point in is used

Case in point: lengthy call times.

The latest case in point is Libya.

Case in point, a recent conversation.

Case in point: Gallup's latest measurement of Obama's approval stands at a glowing 53%.

Case in point, take a look at this new report from IT security consultant Mark Burnett.

The proliferation of the Autocomplete function on popular Web sites is a case in point.

The Gillard Government's latest political pickle over importing foreign workers for Gina Rhinehart is a case in point.

Benjamin points out that the original of a reproduction is understood to be more authentic than the copies made from it.

Overall, the Bulls are ranked 67th in total defense, allowing 406 yards and are 69th in points allowed, surrendering 28.

In 23% of cases point of is used

The Court stressed a number of points.

In deed I was in need of point 9 event5 (5.

Sums up a number of points made by Peter J.

What's the best piece of writing advice you've received? The importance of point of view.

Potentially a bit intimate for clients, but is definitely one of Point Grey's hidden gems.

To do this ENSP convened a panel of experts to agree the allocation of points to the scale.

Every individual gets a certain number of points per week -- more if they attend English classes or activity programs.

For instance, if we stand at point, the set of points whose distance from us is forms a curve whose length we may call.

The USA have scored almost exactly the same number of points as they have conceded in the last five games under Mike Tolkin.

The three of us started out to the summit of Point Lenana with the intention of getting to the 5,000m summit for sun rise at 7am.

In 13% of cases point at is used

It's not free - it's only free at point of use.

They have very rich sponsors that are now at point of arrest.

This coil is attached to the circuit board at points marked coil 2.

Alas, the rhythm samples are too hard and at points the song slips into near-cacophony.

They are usually at points of bifurcation (the splitting off of one vessel from another).

Almost ALL chicken for example is halal slaughtered and not marked as such at point of sale.

The Long Meadow Walk leads along the eastern edge of the Species Rich Hedgerow at point 16 which was planted in 1993.

Big time size and pressure at point! I sort of recall us trying that to come back for a national championship win (B.

For instance, if we stand at point, the set of points whose distance from us is forms a curve whose length we may call.

Vegetables, livestock and goods were checked at points of entry and hospitals set up emergency radiological treatment centres.

In 12% of cases point on is used

Y! You refuse to stay on point.

So perhaps the Illuminati win on points.

What's more, its psychologically on point.

Fulham is pretty good this year and is level with the Gunners on points in the Premiership.

This hardback collects the first run of the new take on the character, perfect jumping on point.

His article was based on pointing out Kristen is a talented actress in the films she has been in.

And the wonderful thing about the evolution of English is that it has become increasingly flexible on points like that.

Already ahead on points, Changpuek put the outcome beyond doubt when he knocked Liu out with a punch in the third round.

I actually thought he lost against Daniel Ponce De Leon (Broner unanimously won on points over ten rounds in March 2011).

I think we have the baseline speed in the car but we just couldn't demonstrate it today and that's why I missed out on points.

In 7% of cases point from is used

From point A, mark a point C, which is 55 ft.

You are using a misdirection here to take away from point.

Because from point in time to point in time,? it? is different.

Often times, the fastest way to get from point A to point B is through a shopping mall.

A Cartesian-space IS-LM model illustrating step-by-step how the curves arises from points.

They often are aimed at getting people to move up from point and shoots to more advanced photography.

Let's say the kid told his/her parents that they just wanted to buy a used car that could get from point A to point B.

Basically the site gives you fast and accurate instructions to get from Point A to Point B, either by public transport or by car.

It is about getting large numbers of people in a very confined space from point A to point B with the least amount of stress as possible.

But in surveys, most passengers say that their priority is to get from point A to point B, and whatever happens along the way is secondary.

In 4% of cases point to is used

So glad you were able to travel to Point Reyes.

There are also flat races, steeplechases and point to points.

The drivers from point to point were equally courteous and prompt.

John built a house on the beach under Policeman's Point but soon moved to Point Franklin.

Welcome to Point Four ' Point four is a fun, challenging and totally original puzzle game.

For each font, an actual-baseline-table maps these identifiers to points on the start-edge of the area.

Basically the site gives you fast and accurate instructions to get from Point A to Point B, either by public transport or by car.

If we're talking about getting freight from Point A to Point B, it's hard to conceive of more overkill than the current road infrastructure.

In 3% of cases point by is used

However, I'll try to go point by point about what I have to say.

I have two gaussians represented by points and joined by a smooth line in excel.

I'd afraid Gecko has closed along Session Road and was replaced by Point &; Grill.

So i just wrote that i didn't agree with her hypothesis and dismantled it point by point.

He also took the green jersey signifying the best by points and also took the red jersey signifying best fighter.

I am open to disscusse point by point your suppositions on any subject related to rajneesh? just mention a subject.

Allow me, then, to explain point by point, what it is, where it comes from, what its purpose is, and the method for achieving that purpose.

Editor's choice award from Look Smart Featured in the World Wide Web top 1000 book by Point Communications as one of the top 1000 sites in the internet.

Should Cambodia win the away leg in Lao, the winner will be determined by points differential with Lao taking a +2 points lead from today's crucial away leg.

In 3% of cases point for is used

The best, Slalom, has you chaining coloured gates in sequence for points.

Trekkers aim instead for Point Lenana (at 4985m just 15m shy of breaking through the 5000m barrier).

St Mirren have lost five in a row, they're desperate for points as much as we're desperate for points.

It should be an exciting, tight affair between two teams who are desperate for points at an early stage.

Ratliffe was an effective pick-and-roll partner for point guard Phil Pressey, rolling out of screens right to the rim to wait for the ball.

Remember the human resource person is looking at hundreds of resumes and trained to scan the material quickly looking for points pertinent to the position.

To provide this lift a supply expedition which was preparing to sail for Point Barrow, Alaska, was hastily modified, and its commanding officer, Captain Louis D.

You either go for points and don't worry about the cards or go for fun reading out the boast (made up of a Foe and a Deed card plus optionally Scene and or Result cards).

He added three more points in the Oilers ' next game against Detroit to set a franchise record for points in a two-game span with 11, one more than the previous mark help by Gretzky.

The annihilation began less than 3 minutes in and A &T; never looked back in setting a school record for points and margin of victory by simply pounding the hapless Yellow Jackets 77-0.

In 3% of cases point off is used

I suspect Prius c has the same shut off point.

There is no pick up or drop off point, cars just stop anywhere.

This could be a jumping off point for Dolph Ziggler into the main event.

Is this fair? Recently, the cut off point for university entry is raised to 75 points.

That big dome-shaped building is the cut off point between Xuhui district and Minhang.

Hanoi is also the usual jumping off point for cruises on Halong Bay, but it takes about 3.

I know I strayed a little off point (something new for me, right?) but I really am curious about what you think about this.

You reach that jumping off point where you begin to wonder if maybe actually doing it will give you that which is beyond just reading about it or looking at it.

At different times there has been appreciable cut off points with regard to price at certain microns in the market and the and in some instances at points of a micron.

We do try to accommodate these requests, but should not be held responsible for shortage as we stress the importance of both parties being present at the check off point.

In 3% of cases point with is used

Go in with points you want to get across and try and steer the interview.

I don't have a problem with designing lists to deal with points denial/deathstars.

When it comes to your article I strongly agree with point 6 which true for everything.

As with point 1, this would be impossible to tell in 1888 other than through gross morphology.

We leave Germany with points for both drivers and we maintain our lead in the Constructors '.

Luckily, most of the time, players manage to change the situation and we get away with points.

The increase in expense for every 1% improvement from with point making it prohibitive without increasing taxes.

Along with point and click adventure elements, it also kicks in inventive role-playing gameplay which is accompanied by 16-bit graphics.

That is the reason you must provide the company you are applying at a concise introductory letter with points that stand out and catch the attention of the screener so as to read your resume.

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