Prepositions used with "league"

"in league" or "of league"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 48% of cases league in is used
    The use of force is in league with injustice.
    In his prime Favre was one of the most effective quarterbacks in league history.
    Nathan Smith was voted the Left Back of the season in league 1 in the 2010-2011 season.
    And look at his return Thus far 4 goals in league and he has played everygame that is poor.
    It likes strict testing regimes that can rank schools, and even teachers, in league tables.
    In league Two, a worrying weekend malaise fell over the combined strike force of the entire division.
    The Reds had the lead in their first ever game in league One and were on their way to making history.
    One player in particular who is excited about the call up is left back Nathan Smith of Chesterfield in league 1.
    Bradford are currently in 5th place in league Two, but have the highest average attendance in the division at just below 10,000.

    In 25% of cases league of is used
    From the outset, the NHL argument was one of league stability.
    Daniel Sturridge should have played 4 full seasons of league football by now.
    Manchester United secure a unique ' treble ' of league, FA Cup and UEFA Champions league.
    This would give us still a third type of league which we may call the league of the Senior States.
    During the final stages of league day games, we expect some big games with very high stakes on the line.
    Popularity of league is dying in nsw and AFL is taking over slowly but surely and QLD will be the only ones left playing league.
    So far this season though, we find ourselves below West Brom, Fulham and West Ham; both in terms of league position and performances.
    What can we do? We can try to ameliorate the worst effects of league tables, perhaps by devising some weighting for crunchier subjects.
    We make up 10 per cent of league lists; given we represent less than two per cent of the Australian population, that's surely significant.
    Mary's defence again as Hugh Hogan and his team-mates dug deep to hold onto their lead and put themselves within 80 minutes of league glory.

    In 6% of cases league to is used
    Make schools directly accountable to their users, rather than to league tables.
    Both sides returned to league action on Tuesday evening, following defeats in the league Cup at the weekend, for this match played on the synthetic surface at Stockport Sports Village.
    After the drama of a midweek FA Cup replay and battling to an extra time win, it was back to league action for the Hillmen on Saturday as they travelled to Brocstedes Park to face Ashton Athletic.

    In 4% of cases league for is used
    The Flyers shut down the favourite for league MVP, R.
    Yet some matches between leading contenders for league honours,.
    Activities include dance classes, sport clubs playing for leagues, fitness classes and bingo.
    Even with the Reds having a stuttering start this campaign tickets, particularly for league games, are still hard to come by and a reduced capacity will further aggravate the problem.

    In 4% of cases league on is used
    Worries over teams lagging in a table not playing with enough drive can be deflected by the ranking system, judged on league placing, that will determine the seeding for the following year.

    In 4% of cases league With is used
    He's been in formidable form all year with league surprise package San Jose and it was nice to see him getting his goal.
    I was born in Newcastle, lived in QLD 22 years and am so disillusioned with league that I am starting to watch AFL more and more.
    With league Two taking a break for the FA Cup next weekend, fans will have to wait to see if their strikers can find their scoring boots once more.

    In 3% of cases league from is used
    The 18-year-old forward has enjoyed a meteoric rise over the past 12 months, going from league One with Southampton to starting England's opening Euro 2012 match against France.

    In 2% of cases league between is used
    I think last year Dublin played 14 games and 11 of them were here, between league and championship.
    With that result in mind, and amid a long break between league games, Portland trotted out its best possible XI, given several injuries and absences due to international duty.

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