Prepositions used with "place"

in, of, into, to or from place?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 68% of cases place in is used

Apparently not in places like PWC.

An email account And have in place: 1.

It is held in place with 7 or 8 clips.

At present, this service is available only in Riyadh and not in places outside Riyadh.

As we speak, nothing has happened in terms of the judicial processes that are in place.

But I haven't got a clue about fits, and there ought to be safety precautions in place.

This came about in tandem with more draconian laws being put in place without any opportunity of a challenge to them.

Not one sentence in the article referred to balancing the budget ergo one assumes this plan keeps a deficit in place.

Too bad the USA is not so aggressive to see that all alleged rape perps are questioned in places like Africa or UAE.

The boardwalk and steps were soaked in places by the brook in its frantic effort to get out into the sunlight again.

In 15% of cases place of is used

There is plenty of places to park.

Pride of place goes to war veterans.

Any kind of stage, in any kind of place.

Inle Lake: Perhaps this can be regarded as one of the best place of places in Myanmar.

It is just that the sense of place, and of being in an English place, is very powerful.

A glass art centerpiece is never out of place when sitting on an island or a countertop.

Consumers also need to purchase items from a number of places, namely web sites, mobile apps, app stores, shops etc.

There are dozens and dozens of places you can go to view its skyline, and each one is more remarkable than the last.

Unlike Buenos Aires, I don't feel out of place here, probably due to the fact that many people in Ushuaia are tourists.

I would not explain my theology simply out of respect for the fact this is a Muslim forum and it would be out of place.

In 6% of cases place into is used

This blade clamped into place quickly.

I think everything else will fall into place.

Hang the doors and slide the drawers into place.

I would have thought the term ' beyond a reasonable doubt ' would come into place, i.

When you're truly happy with yourself, everything else seems to just fall into place.

Like, after I had to go and fix myself haha, everything just sort of fell into place.

The procedure involves an arthroscopy (keyhole surgery in a joint) to pull the misplaced cartilage back into place.

The folded napkin under his left arm seemed to have been placed there by nature, so perfectly did it fit into place.

Earlier, with the East Bengal Regiment coming into place, he feels that a separate army is being built for the Bengalis.

Job wrestles with God for chapters and chapters and chapters until finally God hears enough and slaps him back into place.

In 5% of cases place to is used

All four were moved from place to place.

I have a lot of options to get to places.

I relate to places like this (Fashion Week).

Contrary to this, natural justice will come to place and those involve will pay heavily.

Fruiting trees are not a good idea next to places where people walk or park their cars.

They exist only to place the signal in the correct state to allow the mid-bit transition.

You've got great GCSEs but next year ensure you apply strategically to places where you stand a good shot of interview.

This, of course, will vary from time to time, and from place to place, depending upon general social and cultural factors.

We have very high standards here compared to places I have worked before and a lot of that stems from how good the food is.

Indians have always been migrants and have moved from place to place seeking better pastures, living and changing lifestyles.

In 3% of cases place from is used

All four were moved from place to place.

However, they vary greatly from place to place.

Also available for quick movement from place to place.

I merely said that we still need roads for the specialists to get from place to place.

Nadhr means making a vow in the name of Allah that he will put on the ihram from place x.

Bears hunt seals from sea-ice platforms, and also use ice floes to move from place to place.

Plumbing related rules may differ wildly from place to region and also you don't would like to work afoul of your codes.

Female genital mutilation is increasing in Western countries among migrants who come from places where it is practiced.

This, of course, will vary from time to time, and from place to place, depending upon general social and cultural factors.

Wolfe presents us with landscapes from all over the world, from places where few us will ever travel, that are spectacular.

In 2% of cases place for is used

Love for place of birth is natural.

People are looking for places to grow businesses.

As it was hoped to get two hundred prisoners out they also had to make the draw for places.

We were begging for places to live, some had dirt floors and were basically plywood shacks.

The organic label is necessary for big distributors who buy from a broad range of larger farms for places like Whole Foods.

Only reason to stay here is to get house built so wife and son will have a nice paid for place to live when Im dead and gone.

The School of Law is supplied with details of all students who have applied for places in 200 level compulsory core courses.

In 1% of cases place at is used

At places little or no work is being done.

The landscaping has been outstanding at places.

I do not shop for supplies at places like Walmart or even Micheals.

Wouldn't you also think that most people who work at places like this are pretty young.

They shop at places like Banana Republic or Bloomingdales, but probably not at Barneys.

It can be really hard to stand up for one's self at places like hospitals, clinics, etc.

I get irritated to hear people complain about others shopping at places like Wal-Mart rather than buying local, handcrafted goods.

It is only at places where the wind has gathered some sand that some grasses, often dominated by Zornia glochidiata could be found.

There are also plans to upgrade the existing ropeway services and introducing new such services at places like Purnagiri and Yamnotri.

The points are situated where the cyclists would leave the area and at places where a lot of people are: in view of a bus stop or a building.

In 1% of cases place on is used

While you were on places, Sidharth Malhotra might have been an viewers.

Next week we will continue working on place value and addition with regrouping.

HOWEVER, I am not going to give up on places I go or people I care about just because they use it.

The particular Traditional Little Sparkles can be an very nice option regarding intending everywhere on place.

A few other comments on places that might leave room for some effect (or at least might patch up some of the objections).

Jo Keane Hi Brian, Any further news on places to stay/apartment rental in and around Falmouth? Regards Jo http: **35;2485;TOOLONG.

This is one among the leader reasons why people look to invest on this precious metal and keep a tab on places providing gold bars for sale.

Shocked The spate of church attacks shocked the Christian community and nation, as acts of violence on places of worship are unprecedented in Malaysia.

Thanks to work we have done with Orange and Play England you can use the new and free Do Some Good app to map, rate and comment on places you have visited.

Reported incidents included killings, rape, torture, attacks on places of worship, destruction of homes, forced evictions, and desecration of items of worship.

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