Prepositions used with "town"

"in town" or "of town"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases town in is used

Transfer to your hotel in town.

My father is currently in town.

In town, I stay on the sidewalks.

Looking for the classic old school, been there forever bars we need to hit while in town.

There had to be enough food, not only to feed the workers in towns, but also for export.

Someone is getting out of a car complaining that Christy Moore is causing bedlam in town.

The Thursday night, the week of the show, I went to dinner at The Mandalay Bay, and there were so many people in town.

Also the atmosphere in towns where they eat late is usually pretty fun and buzzy and it helps if the weather is warm.

You are so fond of eating that you will actually take the trouble of finding places that serves the best food in town.

It turns out friends were in town visiting so I thought it was perfect timing and my indulgence has been decided for me.

In 25% of cases town of is used

Bellini was chased out of town.

Did 2 laps of town park (under 1.

That's the kind of town I live in.

If you go out of town to an arcade, you can get a sense of the games that are out there.

If you can't get out of town, plan local activities you can enjoy together -- even dinner.

This is the kind of town where they can go off to their activities, and I know they're OK.

Civic authorities slowly withdrew their financial support and pushed many events to the edge of towns through bylaws.

Major cities have more than adequate medical services, though the same might not be said of towns and outlying areas.

Honestly? I think you need to grab a friend or family member and get out of town for a weekend while you sort this out.

Either through woods and fields or the one in the evening on the road out of town when noone was around anymore anyway.

In 13% of cases town to is used

Just slap on some HREs and go to town.

Get good at those hot keys and go to town.

Just in case ironic justice comes to town.

To go to high school, one had to go to town and board within walking distance of school.

This whole point may be moot pretty soon, however, because the Saints are coming to town.

It is split level, has off street parking with automatic gates, and is 2 minuts walk to town.

But haven't we see this saga before? Whenever a NEW minister comes to town, he bristles with ideas and supposed openness.

If you are willing to pay the price to see the Lake Show come to town I suggest you swoop up the first of their two trips.

I sometimes pretend the world is ending, or I'd being put to death by the state in the morning, and really just go to town.

As soon as the SDP convention was won by Abiola and the NRC? s by Tofa, the magazine went to town with another cover story.

In 7% of cases town around is used

John is known around town as Mr.

I like playing it walking around town.

John McCain around town during a visit.

I didn't make any plans this time as I was largely shown around town and it was work.

Instead, he spends a lot of his money on hiring people to build buildings around town.

Before the attack, he drove around town telling people police were going to murder him.

East Carolina? s players could hear it around town all week and they could see it in the half-full stadium Saturday.

It's cheap, fast, clean, safe, modern and it will take you to pretty much all the sites you'll want to visit around town.

Generally speaking, all anyone around town wants to talk to you about is the match - team selections, form, injuries etc.

It's been more than 24 hours now!! carelpedre via twitter It has seemed calm around town and fairly easy to navigate the roads.

In 7% of cases town into is used

Head into town and walk around.

The energetic can hit the ascent into town.

But, I'll be heading out into town shortly.

This morning I drove into town, said goodbye to my (English) wife, and parked the car.

And how long has he been dead? The Band wagon has rolled into town ladies and gentlemen.

We definitely have to have another one of those meetings next time Jullien comes into town.

In my last post I mentioned a friend was coming into town for a few days to visit family? Christine lives in Maryland.

The garden centre moved into town about 31 years ago and was originally next door to where they are now in Bright Street.

And in Lincoln, my local service has cut the bus service back, which makes it difficult for me to get into town for work.

Roman takes us into town with one of his mates and we find an air-conditioned Ukrainian pub for lunch, a chill and a chat.

In 4% of cases town from is used

She knows what it's like to travel from town to town.

We caught this one as we were walking back to our bungalow from town.

At the point of coming back, we found one room bit away from town, at Rs.

The location is a bit removed from town but all of the amenities make up for the at the G.

New houses, living 10 minutes from town and wild animals passing near the Nairobi National Park.

This is just out from town but easily reached by the yellow Quaylink bus (Q2) from The Haymarket in town.

Water and food supply was a big problem on campus by then, because the school is far from town, and new in that vicinity.

The continuous airstrikes forced many al-Qaeda and Taliban militants to retreat from towns formally under their control.

Plus, you don't just build a city and then people move to it - they grow from towns that were there for a specific industry.

Your men take us from town to town where all sorts of people, whether they be residents of the hills or of riversides have been looking at us.

In 2% of cases town about is used

On a motorway run I get nearly 70mpg wth 50ish knocking about town.

The boss still sprees and loafs about town till some one has to go and haul him home.

MAC Girl About Town Looking for a bold, party-girl pink lipstick? Then Girl About Town is for you.

About the author Andy Keetch is an Account Director at Brandwatch and a real man about town in digital.

I wandered about town questioning everybody, boring everybody, and finding out that nobody knew anything.

I think I sported MAC Russian Red, Ruby Woo, Impassioned / Girl About Town, Diva &; maybe even So Chaud on her.

A blossoming star, folks about town inLondonstarted to take notice and she was soon sharing a stage with the big names.

Garaad is a man about town in Puntland, small armed skiffs are tracked by drones and yet nothing substantial has been done to end this criminal anomaly.

Bourdain ran about town Thursday filming an episode of The Layover, his new Travel channel series on where to dine, drink and play with only 24 to 48 hours in one city.

In 2% of cases town across is used

Across town, my brother Ben had also noticed the ad.

Luckily I have a source of all four only an hour across town.

But across town the University of Ottawa is conducted bilingually.

After limited pitch time, Calum Davenport made his way across town to West Ham United.

If not away from Jasper, at least across town and away from the woods surrounding our house.

Now kids are driven to school across town by mums and dads juggling two jobs to pay off the mortgage.

Across town lives Johnnie Goodington, a rich boy who has everything money could buy except one thing -- a giant monstrous crab.

While Jazz In The New Europe is being celebrated at venues across town, the best of the diverse British scene is also well represented.

I get up and I have to drive one of my daughters to private school across town and that takes me an hour each way -- but it's an education choice.

It doesn't matter if the user is traveling across town, across the country, or internationally; they rely heavily on Wi-Fi connections to stay online.

In 2% of cases town through is used

Walking through town one day I meet Victor McCullough.

Once ye get through town the road changes into a high-alpine playground.

One day his father was driving through town and did not stop at the sign.

The straw that broke the camel's back, though, was last week when an army major was traveling through town.

It was a scene often repeated as the cortege travelled through towns and villages before arriving at Dundalk.

A procession through town with a cardboard coffin leads the way to the cemetery where a candle-light vigil will take place.

Her very central place in the lives of so many made the pace of our walk through town comfortable for, say, a very sick turtle.

Not in the mood to go to our 24-hour gym or trot around the track, I decided to just run through town until I couldn't go anymore.

For a while, it looked like Neil's next time through town was going to be as part of a reunited Buffalo Springfield, but obviously that didn't happen.

In a social revolution that has prompted a heavy-handed response from the Government, religion is spreading through town and countryside and Chinese communities abroad.

In 1% of cases town between is used

This served to reintroduce market relations between town, country and the state.

First, anti-colonialism and anti-capitalism; second, solidarity between town and gown.

Transportation can be pricy as it is often necessary to travel by taxi to get to lesser attractions or even between towns.

During a crisis, deacons with lots of contacts will take the responsibility for building networks between town and country.

The conditions of civil war, together with the chronic inflation of the period, brought trade between town and countryside to a virtual standstill.

They do not list albergues or give you precise instructions but they do give you maps of the sections, distances between towns, height elevation and diagrams of the way in to the larger towns.

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