Prepositions used with "theory"

In, of, with, between or on theory?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 70% of cases theory In is used

In theory it should be like this.

In theory, this should favour Romney.

In theory and practically, so to speak.

PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME (PAS ): THE SOLUTION In theory, the solutions sound easy.

In theory, you can get your voice heard if you contact your Government representative.

It is great in theory and I admit that the idea behind it is great and has some points.

But professors of business are less likely to get away with a tepid performance in the classroom, at least in theory.

Compare one hundred SF stories and there is room, in theory if rarely in practice, for one-hundred percent diversity.

They were all volunteers within the Wikimedia Australia Foundation, which is, in theory, an independent organisation.

I suspect this is a classic case of economists seeing something in practice and wondering how it can happen in theory.

In 15% of cases theory of is used

The subject is the removal of theory.

A couple of theories are dominating the Croatian media.

Reading is the ultimate form of exercise of theory of mind.

Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories instead of theories to suit facts.

The relationship of theory to those very immediate situations can seem tenuous and irrelevant.

You can have lots of theories and they start becoming like a whirlpool of opinions and words laughs.

The introduction of theory forced into the equations reduces their information content and reduces their usefulness.

One can get very cross about this and spin out all manner of theories about what such inflated pricing says about women.

Moreover, these discussions can arguably be seen as signaling a third wave of theory development in evolutionary economics.

The purpose of this research area is to be a platform for the debates that are shaping this new wave of theory development.

In 3% of cases theory with is used

Throughout they have concerned themselves, not with theories, but with facts.

Physics in the 20th century was riddled with theories driven by mathematics that were not correct.

They don't understand the concept of matching physical, experimental data with theory -- and explaining the anomalies.

In the general relativity example, we are interested in comparing theory T1 (say general relativity) with theory T2 (say Newtonian physics).

Newspapers, TV and radio programmes and websites have competed to come up with theories to explain the magic and illusion behind Brown's stunt.

Education is surely not working, and it is evident in the fact that we are always coming up with theories as evidently wrong as education does not work.

Starting with theory and advancing to Ohm's Law, magnetism, safety and tools, wiring methods, services, motors, inspection, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.

The program starts with theory then advances to Ohm's law, magnetism, safety and tools, wiring methods, services, motors, inspection, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.

In 2% of cases theory between is used

The match between theory and the physical evidence is very, very good.

In this stage you are asked to explore the relationships between theory and practice.

It's also important for all firms to help bridge that gap between theory and application.

Unfortunately, this is an area where there is often a wide gap between theory and practice.

No experience in dealing with fully calibrated instruments -- or explaining the difference between theory and measurement.

Reason - You should explore the relationship between theory and practice and seek a deep understanding of why something has happened.

Read full article Integrated Reporting - The gulf between theory and practice (21 Oct 2010) The growing profile around integrated reporting is a good thing.

In 2% of cases theory on is used

His point was that engineering is a professional discipline that focuses on theory and design.

Our teachers encourage us to abandon our function as listeners and target our attention on theories and formulas.

The First Year At StFX, the focus is on theory, augmented by hands-on application in small-group learning in the lab and field.

A Master's Degree is obtained after two years of study beyond the Bachelor's Degree and has a dissertation in addition to papers on theory.

Instead of using theoretical models to explain reality with a focus on theory, the focus would instead be on history and explanations of episodes.

Pragmatists and interpretivists have argued for years that one must not focus so much on theory that you forget what is actually happening in society.

Of course, this being the scholarly work that created the globalization paradigm as a means of viewing democratization, one must realize that it will be heavier on theory than on statistics.

And all they did is to sit on their butts and make comments on theories without even trying to disproof any thing in his kit practically and later claim the credit if the invention was flawed.

In 2% of cases theory to is used

This gave rise to theories on getting rid of Windows Phone 7.

People with this style are more attracted to theories than practice.

To ensure a close correspondence to theory, we choose the parameter values to be identical to the original beer game.

The reason that this difficulty could arise is that each invention that is not a true cause injects error into theory leading to the need for additional invented causes.

In 1% of cases theory by is used

It can not be done by theory but meditation.

There was never any verification of this parameter either by theory or observation.

As predicted by theory, group-based lenders are much less affected by loan default rates when they raise interest rates.

The Coach Development Centre is for grass roots, community coaches to learn their stuff, not to be weighed down by theory.

In 1% of cases theory for is used

Implications of the findings for theory and practice are discussed.

Technology does not just provide tools for science, however; it also may provide motivation and direction for theory and research.

I do not think this excuses him from the obligation to have supplied empirical support for theories, or to acknowledge the benefits that mathematical modeling might have contributed.

Just what might be done to create a closer rapprochement between those calling for theory and those wanting to address some of the day to day challenges of the delivery and experience of health care.

In 1% of cases theory from is used

From theory, we calculate that such a 0.

The theorist deletes the cause from theory and searches for a way to theoretically fill the void.

If it is found that all causes except one can be removed from theory, then there is only one miracle.

The theorist then removes another cause and so on and so forth until the point is reached where a cause or causes can no longer be removed from theory.

In 1% of cases theory into is used

The reason that this difficulty could arise is that each invention that is not a true cause injects error into theory leading to the need for additional invented causes.

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