Prepositions used with "trouble"

"in trouble" or "of trouble"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases trouble in is used

She had just gotten in trouble.

We'd be in trouble without condos.

Any large city will be in trouble.

He said you shouldn't stop on a highway for black people who appear to be in trouble.

However, would Toni Kuivasto and Janne Korhonen get injured, Haka will be in trouble.

A direct hit from Vusi Sibanda ran the skipper out putting the Tigers back in trouble.

Worse still, his dad is unimpressed with EllRay's near heroic (if failed) attempts not to get in trouble at school.

Now we can get in trouble if we don't censor ourselves in public too - even if we're having a private conversation.

These individuals then find themselves in trouble when their case is denied at their interview due to discrepancies.

Or if the person had simply been passed out drunk, the mail carrier could have been in trouble for even touching him.

In 29% of cases trouble of is used

Good is just another kind of trouble.

The winters gave plenty of trouble too.

Britain always left a legacy of trouble.

If these farmers can't farm their way out of trouble in these times, they never will.

You can't drop your long time friends like a hot potato at the first sign of trouble.

By doing so, you will save yourself lots of trouble, and your employer lots of money.

They are hiring mostly indians and making a lot of troubles for born- here white americans, forcing them to leave.

You not only save on interest charges, but you also control payments to the home reno contractor in case of trouble.

Seeing Therese's worn-out brackets, I can see how she would have had a lot of trouble pushing through hilly terrain.

At the first hint of trouble they turn totally black and thus prevent you from seeing anything that might alarm you.

In 16% of cases trouble into is used

Rg3) in fact just led him into trouble.

It gets her into trouble in work situations.

By increasing our wants, we get into trouble.

He wasn't unlucky, he was trying to get something for free, and hence got into trouble.

The rest of the work is done by medical residents, who call when they get into trouble.

He'll probably be stupid, ignorant, and try many things that will get him into trouble.

Chris L says: 08:10am 14/11/12 I have to admit, I run into trouble when there are multiple brands to choose from.

And we truly reinforce each other's instabilities and failures as we get into trouble with this peak oil problem.

Since you still have your regular bills to pay on top of that, this time of year can get many shoppers into trouble.

Schumacher also got himself into trouble later on in the race, for ignoring blue flags and impeding Romain Grosjean.

In 7% of cases trouble for is used

Now it's just asking for trouble.

If you do, you are asking for trouble.

Feeding foxes near the house is asking for trouble.

As the network stuff is being done, get the network admins to check switch ports for trouble.

Aside from that the balls to say it in public to the face of the 99% is just asking for trouble.

We might wish there were such a relationship, but we would be asking for trouble if we assumed it.

Electric underfloor heating kits are easy to fit and include everything you require for trouble free installation.

Allowing the public into CCC buildings that have not had comprehensive inspections is asking for trouble ie FATALITIES.

You can go cruising looking for a race throughout the city, or if you feel up to it, go looking for trouble with the 5-0.

You are only as good as your weakest link, and we have a few I'd afraid, but to have one between the sticks is asking for trouble.

In 1% of cases trouble but is used

But it's bound to create nothing but TROUBLE.

We have had nothing but trouble since we moved in.

He has had nothing but trouble with his second-hand cab; E.

I have had nothing but trouble since I renewed my 2012 account.

I ’ ve had one for 4 months and it gave me nothing but trouble.

He sits her on his lap and tells her to avoid Angelika who is nothing but trouble.

Bob Coombs, Hampshire Peugeot Boxer Motorhome 1997 Nothing but trouble, the driver ’ s door leaks and the wind noise is uncomfortable even at slowish speeds.

In 1% of cases trouble from is used

Stroll away from trouble if you can.

But internally, you may not be free from troubles.

If anything, I learned to stay away from trouble because I was much more knowledgeable about the likely outcome.

Huge losses in personal and economic freedom will be welcomed throughout the world by people who want to be rescued from troubles.

In 1% of cases trouble with is used

Good luck to all you out there with troubles.

The jewels are brightly colored and shaped differently, so I think those with trouble differentiating colors could still play it.

But if you're struck with troubles like skin disease, or frequent high fever, you should consult your physician and follow the line of treatment.

I'd glad to hear that things are getting better in Uganda already, who wouldn't want that? Their path is going to be filled with trouble and lessons to be learnt.

In 1% of cases trouble without is used

Without trouble there is no story.

And eight nations in Europe + Canada have used Internet voting for years without trouble.

We stayed a while longer, but since they were getting closer to the other shore without trouble, the wagons slowly started up again.

We must work faithfully without trouble or disquiet, recalling our mind to God mildly and with tranquillity as often as we find it wandering from Him.

Re: what do you think about Google? Google is a one of best search engines, lots of people use Google and they can get answers for their questions without trouble.

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