Prepositions used with "deficit"

in, of, to, on or about deficit?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases deficit in is used

For US -- reduction in deficits through depreciation and global growth.

The data indicates that for the first time since 1998, the balance of payments was in deficit.

The twin deficits have again moved into a crucial phase and the local currency is under pressure.

Allowing for other capital inflows the overall balance of payments is likely to be in deficit by $1.

Or President Obama's plan? A balanced approach, $4 trillion in deficit reduction, millionaires pay a little more.

The surplus could have been achieved without leaving some of the most disadvantaged families and their children in deficit.

Having understood the practical difficulties in deficit cuts German Chancellor Angela Merkel had purportedly taken a soft stand on austerity.

Section 11 Congress must balance every budget and not engage in deficit spending, unless there is a national emergency deemed by the president.

Access Economics chief Chris Richardson says the Budget will stay in deficit ' as far as the eye can see ' unless massive spending cuts are made.

When seen in totality, the supply side is always in deficit and the liability is always in excess due to Riba (interest ), the total combined supply can not discharge the liability.

In 21% of cases deficit of is used

It does not give a realistic or fair assessment of deficits and their sources.

Some amount of deficit will still exist, probably somewhere between 30 per cent and 40 per cent.

Why has every right wing think tank made it a central point on there attack of deficit reduction.

Even Republicans have been highly critical of deficit spending and bailouts during the Bush-Cheney years.

It was also a case of deficit budget in the history of Sri Lanka which the politicians did not seem to be worried about.

The extent to which reducing those wars can be included as part of deficit reduction over the next decade is a matter of some dispute.

An enormous amount of deficit reduction is baked into the current budget, deficit reduction that goes out the window under President Romney.

Posted by: Rick McDaniel February 28, 2012, 3:09 pm 3:09 pm Posted by: Outside Observer February 28, 2012, 2:55 pm 2:55 pm A fan of deficit spending, eh? Good.

But many liberals have another argument: Social Security is irrelevant to the whole issue of deficits and the debt, since the program can not have any impact on either.

By the very logic of his stimulus (and Bush's cash handouts before him) the whole point of deficit spending was to reverse or counterbalance a temporary lack of private spending.

In 17% of cases deficit to is used

The answer to deficits is higher taxation.

That, however, would have required some sort of sensitivity to deficits.

Both parties addicted to deficits and spending and telling people how to run their lives.

That is a comparative statement, which makes sense only in contrast to deficit reduction which is not too far or too fast.

In theory, at least, that stark possibility is supposed to get everybody's attention, forcing a path to deficit and debt reduction.

He said the failure of NNPC had forced the country to keep augmenting by dipping hands into the historical savings to make up past budgets, thus leading to deficit.

In 14% of cases deficit on is used

Officially, the congressional Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, also known as the super committee, has until Nov.

He says the following in response to the quoted section above: It's a good story: Europeans dithered on deficits, and that led to crisis.

Political debate as set by the Conservatives is framed wholly on deficit reduction, a pessimistic and bleak vision of what Britain can achieve.

According to Crowley, the UK is already going awry on deficit cutbacks by refusing to put everything on the table like the Canadians did, such as the NHS.

The stand-out trend for the week was USD strength, ironic given that the Super Committee failed to reach agreement on deficit reduction, with our trade-weighted USD index rising 1.

President Obama has singularly failed to strike the hoped-for grand bargain on deficit reduction, while Britain's Coalition shows every sign of rupturing due to open disagreement over tax and spend.

In 9% of cases deficit about is used

So their alarmist talk about deficits is hollow.

There is no greater hypocrisy than listening to members of Congress who vote for spending and who vote for war and then turn around and pontificate about deficits and the debt ceiling.

In 3% of cases deficit after is used

The results? Gross over spending, deficit after deficit, huge debt to China, and a massive economic collapse.

In 3% of cases deficit into is used

This would reduce the gross cost and, so, feed into deficit reduction.

In 2% of cases deficit by is used

The economic numbers are being goosed by deficit spending that now totals a trillion dollars every year -- an amount no economist thinks is sustainable.

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