Prepositions used with "collaboration"

"In collaboration" or "of collaboration"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases collaboration In is used

Written in collaboration by Dr.

In collaboration with CTgoodjobs.

In collaboration with national authorities, it.

And the more is in collaborations, exchanges and academic sharing of expertise.

This is Giller's 94th book -- 20 of them were written in collaboration with Jimmy.

Therefore, Controllers must be able to work in collaboration with other Controllers.

There were positives for newspapers in the Pew research, conducted in collaboration with the Economist Group.

The tournament is organized by the Sports Ministry in collaboration with the Football Federation of Sri Lanka.

He stated that he got word that the pastor was hosting a crusade, in collaboration with another pastor, Rev V.

Afterwards this mission was undertaken by the Ministry of Fisheries in collaboration with the Happy Cook Company.

In 19% of cases collaboration of is used

A wide variety of collaboration is possible -.

I see this way of collaboration as very fruitful.

You get out of collaborations what you put into them.

This comes as a result of collaboration between the government's representative, Mrs.

The seminar was a result of collaboration with Afhad University for Women (http: //www.

Although most common in music, examples of collaboration are found throughout the art world.

It's important to find alone time or uninterrupted time and space for your team in the case of collaboration.

Tom, couldn't agree more with you that alignment with a core value of collaboration is key for the open culture.

Collaboration, Accountability and Oversight -- The FAA is only now beginning to embark on a path of collaboration.

This development is the results of collaboration between Moncler jackets nakamura, Hiroki -- most important visit.

In 9% of cases collaboration for is used

There is a big room for collaboration.

We have approached the Mobile Health Team of the FCT MDG office for collaboration on this.

Future opportunities for collaboration in the oil sands supply chain are not limited to pipelines.

The PM asked for collaboration that will see Kenya exploit its full potential for geothermal and coal power.

Some of the investment is motivated by the desire to establish a commercial presence for collaboration with domestic industries.

My master branches are for collaboration, but my dev branches are essentially just to back up my home computer, and occasionally for feedback.

Odinga called for collaboration in the area of information technology with particular focus on the development of the upcoming Konza technology and innovation city.

This can be in-house or allow remote connections for collaboration with ArchiCAD users outside of your office, who will be able to access &; work on the same project.

So there goes a whole load of opportunities for collaboration -- chance meetings with friends, taking my cue subconsciously from what other shoppers are looking at, and so on.

Don't worry though, there are people higher up the chain also calling for collaboration and also unaware of what it is, and when pressed to explain and define collaboration, can't.

In 3% of cases collaboration Through is used

Change comes not through coercion, but through collaboration.

Contribute to sustainable development through collaboration with local governments, communities and non-government organisations.

ASHM's international program works through collaborations and partnerships with other professional societies in Asia and the Pacific.

Quality Through Collaboration: The Future of Rural Health Care (2004) proposes a comprehensive strategy for meeting the health challenges that rural communities face.

Prior to this, schools had followed D &T; through collaboration between the Ministry of Education(Botswana) and the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES, England).

In 2% of cases collaboration to is used

After some time, these often non-verbal negotiations lead to collaborations.

It takes two to tango and openness to collaboration by all parties is essential.

That is a necessary first step and we look forward to collaborations to those ends.

True co-authorship - as opposed to collaboration in writing parts of a book published in joint names, etc.

In addition, it represents a further example of SwapClear? s commitment to collaboration for the benefit of all market participants.

This familiarity led to collaboration between many Tamils and the British, as in India of the so-called Dravidian Movement, in ruling the occupied Lanka nation.

I agree with you Chris about true MMP forcing parties to compromise will lead to more stable government - my hope is it will evolve past compromise to collaboration.

In 1% of cases collaboration on is used

Four co-defendants all pinned Ingabire on collaboration with armed groups.

He has been working hard behind the scenes in Ghana, sharpening his voice and composition skills and working on collaborations.

In 1% of cases collaboration with is used

The facility was also built with collaboration in mind and we are already realizing the benefits of that.

Of late his work has ventured into the commercial world of TV spots, all the while retaining a firm grasp on promoland with collaborations with Miike Snow and most recently 2 Chainz feat.

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