Prepositions used with "reply"

"in reply" or "of reply"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 49% of cases reply in is used
    In reply to the preliminary objection and submissions by Mr.
    In reply, the Buddha told him about in the life of all beings.
    In reply, Luke gives us three separate parables touching the same theme.
    In reply, Rony showed her his revolver and said he earned TK 2000 daily with the help of firearms.
    In reply, we suggest that this very thing is quite conceivable, nay, actually occurs in experience.
    In reply, a lively 27 from just 28 balls from Upul Tharanga helped Sri Lanka to a useful opening stand of 36.
    The Crown can call evidence in reply to evidence given by the accused of alibi or substantial impairment: ss 150(5), 151(3).
    In reply, the farmwoman lifted the lid to her washing machine, which contained an assortment of barn suits and children's jeans.
    I say in reply, that the following of qualified scholarship (taqlid) is an obligation on anyone other than an absolute mujtahid.
    Fought " be triumphed in addition nail psoriasis nuclear combat should not to must not be; , in reply which will unspecified.

    In 28% of cases reply of is used
    Just read a whole lot of replies to this.
    But he is also right to insist on the right of reply.
    I'd sure there'll be some X> sort of reply by the time I get there.
    After adequate debate, the person who originally moved the motion has a right of reply.
    No journalist worth his salt should be afraid of contradiction under the right of reply.
    With the right of reply, public officials will be beating down your door for interviews.
    Recently President Aquino has come out openly in support of the insertion of a Right of reply (ROR) provision in the FOI bill.
    Right of reply The representative of Israel, speaking in exercise of the right of reply, said she would not trade insults or claims.
    Right of reply The representative of Israel, speaking in exercise of the right of reply, said she would not trade insults or claims.

    In 11% of cases reply for is used
    To use it for replies as well, which I recommend.
    Anonymous Posted: 01/11/2006 18:43 thanks for reply Kitty.
    Please reply, Thanks Thanks for reply and also taking this important issue for your kind consideration.
    Obama childishly came across as actually annoyed that he even had to be there, and he certainly meandered around a lot, searching for replies, which never amounted to much.

    In 5% of cases reply to is used
    This reply is actually to Anne-Marie below but this blog does me allow to reply to reply to replies.

    In 2% of cases reply with is used
    It would be great to session may not be the promotedmoved a topic with replies.

    In 2% of cases reply without is used
    AP has called and sent e-mail to the British Embassy in Moscow without reply.

    In 1% of cases reply Among is used
    I witnessed the collapse, and my car was merely 20ish meters away from it! I was so scared Among replies calling her a lucky????????????????? You are just like my cousin.

    In 1% of cases reply but is used
    He understands everything but replies in Filipino.

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