Prepositions used with "temperature"

"in temperature" or "of temperature"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases temperature in is used

That would be a ramp up in temperature.

Its output voltage varies 10mV per C change in temperature.

Glass may break because of the quick change in temperature.

The rest of the IPCC-estimated increase in temperature up to the famous range of 1.

The statistical results appear to be based on year-to-year changes in temperature (i.

At this glacial/interglacial scale fluctuations in temperature are of the order of 5K.

A common cause for night time awakening is a dramatic shift in temperature, either by becoming too cold or too hot.

Damorbel, your post #38 suggests that you think the atmosphere is fairly uniform in temperature from surface to top.

A slight rise in temperature along the fin can be accounted for by including in calculations a fin efficiency factor.

You certainly seem not to understand that a 1 deg rise in temperature is NOT going to result in a 100ppm rise in CO2.

In 27% of cases temperature of is used

The amplitude of temperature variation also decreases with depth.

However, it's the result of temperature rise, not the cause of it.

Mark Harrigan's explanation or definition of temperature is astray.

It is clearly untrue that AGW is based on measures of temperature and CO2, ie correlation only.

Science acknowledges SR as a sensitive indicator of temperature variations and worldwide weather conditions.

Under normal conditions of temperature and pressure, a ton of CO 2 takes up a volume of about 550 cubic metres.

The inversion is an increase of temperature with height so sound travels faster aloft than it does near the ground.

I have repeatedly provided solid scientific evidence showing conclusively that CO2 rises as a function of temperature.

Finally, Phil still can not understand that if CO2 rises after temperature rises, then CO2 is an effect of temperature.

In 15% of cases temperature with is used

For most substances, solubility increases with temperature.

A cold spring followed with temperatures just above freezing in mid -April.

Gas grill are the most convenient ones with temperature control in your hand.

Here gasses are cooler than their surroundings with temperatures of about 4,500K.

Just like with temperatures it's an imagined reference point, but a bit more I say.

Higher elevations are much colder with temperatures between 15C (59 F) to 25C (77F).

Heat capacity is still allowed to vary, though only with temperature and molecules are not permitted to dissociate.

However over time, as the bed expands and contracts with temperature changes and settlement of the property, it breaks down.

This is possible because the station will have one section that will be entirely enclosed with temperature and motion activated heaters.

Once sufficient electrons have crossed the gap conduction of electric current becomes possible and conductivity increases with temperature.

In 8% of cases temperature on is used

Thus it actually proves the changing levels of radiative gases will have impacts upon temperatures.

We know that below this temperature it is dependent on temperature and it varies approximately as T.

Thus it actually proves the changing levels of radiative gases will have impacts upon temperatures.

This should take roughly 10-15 mins depending on temperature so turn on the oven mid-way through the preparation steps.

I am afraid that you should never, ever trust Professor Pitman's statements on temperatures, until you have checked the facts.

I am afraid that you should never, ever trust Professor Pitman's statements on temperatures, until you have checked the facts.

Second, the insignificance of urbanization effects on temperature measurements has not been established as reliably as the IPCC assessment report assumes.

While some wealthy people may have had underground cellars packed with ice, snow and straw for cold storage, most people relied on methods that were not dependent on temperature.

In 7% of cases temperature at is used

Artemisia requires light and uniformly high levels of moisture, at temperatures of 18-20C for germination.

At temperatures above this, what you would see would depend on where your particular set of conditions fell in the diagram.

Rhyolite magma is rich in silicon, potassium and sodium and erupts at temperatures between 700C and 850C as an extremely viscous (sticky) magma.

For example, some species do best at temperatures in excess of 30C/86F while others prefer cooler temperatures of 20C/68F or less but all are traded as suitable for the ' tropical ' aquarium.

In 6% of cases temperature to is used

Bring the soup back up to temperature (not boiling) and add the cream in at the end.

When CO 2 is lost due to temperature changes or escaping from water drops, the reverse reaction takes place.

Since you have studied Zemansky, then you understand what I mean when I refer to temperature as an indefinable property.

The main issue afflicting Red Bull seems to be linked to the amount of time it takes to get their tyres up to temperature.

Sub surface aquifers in rocks can contain water heated from below or laterally, but perhaps only to temperatures much less than 100C.

In 2% of cases temperature as is used

This means that measurements of a variable (such as temperature T) should, at appropriate values of our parameters (e.

It is acknowledged that many expressions of ecological communities are the result of plant tolerance to environmental extremes such as temperatures wind, and soil moisture.

In 2% of cases temperature by is used

Sculpt gel is affected by temperature, so keep it cold to slow down the setting process, or speed it up using a hair dryer.

LIMITATIONS Young birds are readily affected by temperature changes and must be protected from the sun as well as from sudden chills, such as may occur at night.

Although alligators are poikilothermic reptiles, their daily cycle of behavior may be governed proximally by a light-cued circadian rhythm rather than by temperature.

For example, Christchurch and Nelson often experience high levels of PM 10 in winter when particles from residents ' home fires get trapped close to the ground by temperature inversions.

In 2% of cases temperature for is used

If it weren't for my loathing for temperatures below 40F I would be up there with you! MMMMMmmm, that was a good one.

One example is Tim Flannery stating that if all human activity ceased it would take a thousand years for temperature to decline, Andy Pitman when asked the same question said twenty to thirty.

Liquid nitrogen for temperature maintenance is very cheap and all the other costs of long term storage would be much the same once you remove that from the picture: rent, security, and so forth.

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