Prepositions used with "combination"

in, of, for, on or about combination?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 77% of cases combination in is used
    VBA is great in combination with excel.
    Red and blue in combination are the colors of a Masonic Novice.
    Alas, coconut only shows up in combination with pineapple and banana.
    Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are often prescribed in combination with clopidogrel.
    Learning to use all the skills effectively in combination takes practise and maturity.
    Eavestroughing can be used in combination with an overhang to reduce the moisture load.
    The very first subject of problems includes problems with products that can be in combination with this company.
    To reduce the number of injections, Hib vaccine is sometimes given in combination with **28;2867;TOOLONG vaccine.
    In combination with the new base URI, the URI of the resource created by this rule will be http: **35;8145;TOOLONG.
    And then they will learn to play in combinations and play according to the right game plan in different environments.

    In 15% of cases combination of is used
    She attacked with a flurry of combinations which had the Pole ducking and evading.
    For example the reward could be in the form of combinations of education, money, housing.
    Autism is a spectrum disorder in that it can present itself in a variety of combinations, from mild to severe.
    The number of combinations of the remaining four cards is the number of combinations of 48 cards chosen 4 at a time, which is 48! / (44! *4!).
    There are 6 key disciplines and 1 key discipline under fostering in national level, and 1 national key discipline of combination of Chinese Traditional and Western Medicine.
    The monomers here are phenolic compounds that are joined together in a bewildering array of combinations, and can be further modified chemically in a myriad of different permutations.
    I paired mine with a drapey sweater and sky-high chartreuse heels, but there are plenty of combinations I can think of (sparkly sleeveless top! black turtleneck!) that would look perfectly Jackie O.

    In 2% of cases combination for is used
    They are made for combination solar + wind powered streetlights and are not at all expensive.
    Three Dart Finishing Guide for Beginners This guide gives suggestions for combinations of scores to finish a darts match with three darts or less.
    CSS indicates that the user must specify the order of processing for combinations of multiple interrelated shorthands and individual interrelated properties.

    In 2% of cases combination on is used
    Throughout the session we built on combinations and the beauty of Covent Garden is the space.
    Journal impact (or preprint server impact) could be judged on combinations of all these by some algorithm I hardly dare imagine.

    In 1% of cases combination about is used
    But as Fine (1973) writes: If we are truly ignorant about a set of alternatives, then we are also ignorant about combinations of alternatives and about subdivisions of alternatives.

    In 1% of cases combination among is used
    However, validation among combinations of minority groups, such as older adults of ethnic minority backgrounds, is lacking.

    In 1% of cases combination from is used
    Expressions in C are built from combinations of operators and operands, so for example in this expression x = a+b* (-c) we have the operators =, + * and -.

    In 1% of cases combination with is used
    It will be packed with combinations of tight turns, clipping points, speed tunnel runs, sweeping corners, transition drifts under sea containers and a final 180 turn into a tight car park.

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