Prepositions used with "factory"

"in factory" or "of factory"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 31% of cases factory in is used
    This was what people who worked in factories said.
    Most of the jobs are learnt in factory by doing things.
    He had worked in factories, he had lived through the era of the 5-year plans.
    There have been fires in factories before with several workers getting killed.
    In this work, all of these pieces of plastic are formed by molds in factories.
    Frank owns a firm that employs temporary staff to do manual work in factories.
    Quickly produced farm machinery produced in factories fell to pieces when used.
    The government is employing them in factories, where they may earn a few francs.
    Those who work in factory or operate machines have to exercise great caution against accidents.

    In 25% of cases factory of is used
    That is a measure of factory activity.
    This may mean a dearth of factory instruments, strings, etc; maybe albums.
    Some nations have encouraged the building of factories in the rural sector.
    Second, factories without skilled workers can not meet the standard of factory of the world.
    The story of Joy Division, the story of factory, the Hacienda -- they were gifts to an author.
    Attention was also drawn to setting up of factories to develop gem and graphite industries in Sri Lanka.
    Mystery also shrouded the jurisdiction of factory as both Allama Iqbal Town and LDA disowned the area of the factory.
    The first chapter talks about how the industrial school model, based on the efficiency of factories, isn't working for kids.
    Four of the victims, including a 29-year-old Moroccan immigrant, were night-shift workers who died when the roofs of factories caved in.
    Technologically, the invention he appropriated -spinning by rollers -is significant because it alone could facilitate the growth of factories.

    In 11% of cases factory to is used
    You'll be forced to restore it to factory settings.
    This leads to factories being shut down and ensuing massive layoffs.
    I have already reset all settings to factory data but it did nt work either.
    Men with high school diplomas have lost high-paying jobs to factories in China and India and elsewhere.
    There are some places in Colombo, which collect the tea, which the Tea Board has instructed to be sent to factories to be upgraded due to poor quality.
    Firstly, do we all agree that we should use information from a wide range of sources to inform our strategies and ideas? Everything from tracking studies to factory visits to Heat magazine.

    In 7% of cases factory from is used
    Owners will not be able to keep the profit from factories.
    Every street corner seems to have a taco stall and the local economy relies heavily on imports from factories south of the border.
    Smoke from factories and heating plants, winds blowing in from the Gobi Desert and fumes from millions of vehicles can combine to blanket the city in this pungent shroud for days.

    In 6% of cases factory for is used
    Confirm rebates and be on the seem-out for factory -subsidized lease offers.
    Individualization should be nourished in school? standardization is for factories.
    Thanks for the advice, I will start sending CV's around to local hotels and start a search for factory work as well.
    European companies, it seemed, had adjusted to the loss of manufacturing by producing complex machinery for factories in emerging market nations.

    In 5% of cases factory at is used
    Ultimately, the inspections at factories were stopped.
    In maximum cases buyer inspects shipment at factory before accepting the finished garments.
    Dunoon also makes all their mugs and cups in the UK at factories in Stoke-on-Trent and Scotland.
    Production at factories in China may be further curtailed depending on market conditions, she said.
    In mid-2008, the FDA barred Ranbaxy from shipping into the US more than 30 different drugs made at factories in India.
    However, in less enlightened times workers at factories making luminous dial clocks used to amuse themselves by painting their teeth and watching them glow in the dark.

    In 5% of cases factory by is used
    With exception to a little dust perhaps from the near by factories.
    There would be no other way to make animals grow so fat, and so quickly, other than by factory farming.
    Rauf Siddiqui claims that inspectors are often paid off by factory owners but Nawab denies that in this specific case.
    Once I outgrew the Alaska scene I was lucky enough to go to the States and do a few races here and there, then get picked up by factory Arctic Cat.
    The desperation now suffered by many was happily exploited by factory owners and the paltry wages paid allowed huge profits to be made while still driving down the price of goods to the consumer.

    In 5% of cases factory with is used
    Suzuki at least they has show a bike for MGP but WSBK team need help, looks like if ben's return to SBK can be with them with factory support, crescent fixi are doing the things regular.
    Ducati are looking at creating a satellite team with factory support, something similar to the situation that existed at Gresini Honda with Marco Simoncelli and Marco Melandri in the past.

    In 3% of cases factory as is used
    Meters are generally used to monitor the amount of water used by large premises, such as factories and breweries.
    The pictograph shows that while point sources such as factories were once the main source of contaminants in rivers, today non-point sources have the most influence on water quality.

    In 2% of cases factory into is used
    The scenery outside window changed quickly, and soon the city-scape had been replaced by suburbs, which quickly blurred into factories and finally into farmland.

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