Prepositions used with "partnership"

"in partnership" or "of partnership"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 70% of cases partnership in is used

They all had to evolve in partnership.

The events are run in partnership with PWC.

Vincent's Mental Health in partnership with NWMH.

In partnership with Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh calmed the nation's frayed nerves.

Positive and inspirational movements powered from the grassroots and in partnership are.

Another five states planned to operate exchanges in partnership with the federal government.

In the future: I see our theatres responding actively to the dying high street in partnership with the community.

Leading companies are at maturity stage 3 or 4, with very mature processes and external supply chain partnerships.

The point of these reforms is to bring back, in partnership with local authorities, the role of the wealth creators.

For example, gain sharing agreements in partnership agreements between buyer and supplier are meant to accomplish this.

In 16% of cases partnership of is used

You don't even get that sense of partnership.

Mode of determining existence of partnership 6.

Dissolution by notice of partnership at will 43.

Key to this success is our commitment to power of partnership across the three sectors.

Brendan Halligan is not alone in supporting the idea of partnership and the? common good?

It is sad that the prospect of partnership government is being poisoned by the policing issue.

This Unmarried Partners Act is a modern, democratic form of partnership recognition: simple, egalitarian and flexible.

This Letter of Partnership could be revoked at any time by either partner signing a Letter of Annulment witnessed by a professional.

Google is still in the process of settling the details of partnerships that will enable search technologies to meet meaningful content halfway.

As observer Steve Tsang from the University of Nottingham said:? A Hu-Wen type of partnership does not look particularly likely in the Xi-Li pairing.

In 5% of cases partnership into is used

We have been called into partnership with God through the Holy Spirit.

He said a few others have gone into partnerships between the government and locals or foreigners.

Orbite has recently entered into partnerships with the world's largest aluminum producer, UC Rusal.

For example, many local authorities are entering into partnerships with neighbouring authorities to provide specific services.

Going into partnership with Microsoft has seen Nokia tweak the concept of a flip phone and give it new life in the email-capable Nokia 2720 Fold.

That happened a long time before Labour went into government! That happened when the unions went into partnership and started reaping the the bounty, I.

Now in their 22nd year, the Mail &; Guardian Investing in the Future Awards went into partnership with the Southern Africa Trust's Drivers of Change awards in 2006.

He entered into partnership with a (I) -James Finlay, d-1797 a free trader, who persuaded him to build a trading post The Metis trader, (III) -Jean Baptiste Cadotte Sr.

In 3% of cases partnership for is used

Wrongful employment by partner-trustee of trust-property for partnership purposes 67.

Jared (to my right in the picture) and Chryspin (far right) make up the Center for Partnership and Civic Engagement, a Trust (equivalent of non-profit) based in Nairobi.

But United aren't the party that's necessarily asking around all the major companies for partnerships: the global brands are falling over themselves to sponsor the club.

Section 39-Personal Reliefs Section 40-Principles of Taxation for Partnerships (1) Except as provided in this Act, a partnership is not liable to pay tax on the income of the partnership.

Let's Work Together! I'd excited to work with you! Email me at **25;2461;TOOLONG for feature requests or invitations for partnerships, sponsorships, speaking engagements, or just drop me.

In 3% of cases partnership through is used

In this area of rapid economic growth, international oil companies are increasingly trying to invest through partnerships.

It has also reiterated McDonald's commitment to promoting balanced eating and active lifestyles, further aided through partnership with the Games.

To address growing demand for Chaordix solutions, Jim will now focus his efforts on driving global revenue growth through partnerships and direct sales.

In 1% of cases partnership about is used

Irrespective of the type of franchise agreement that is signed, be it area development, national master or individual franchise, success in franchising is about partnership.

In 1% of cases partnership from is used

Apart from partnership in terms of product distribution, alliances can also be formed for efficient premium collection purposes.

Further, Reynolds spoke about the diverse opportunities - from partnership to acquisition - that a powerful technology within a rebounding sector can brings.

In 1% of cases partnership on is used

I would have put the accent much more on partnerships.

In 1% of cases partnership with is used

That would be Cnet or Znet owned by CBS-Viacom with partnership and of course download links to ALL of the big boys behind SOPA, PIPA &; the next incarnation of this rather nasty set-up.

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