Prepositions used with "contrast"

"In contrast" or "by contrast"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 64% of cases contrast In is used

In contrast, those punished for.

In contrast, there were 546 in 1969.

But such views were in contrast to H.

In contrast, the Bishop of Birmingham attended on 22 occasions but claimed no money.

In contrast, Vicent &; Halima can barely speak English (ie, no secondary schooling).

In contrast, Las Vegas bookies handled $92 million in bets for this years Super Bowl.

The VolumeViewT/EV1000 system, in contrast, uses both the up-slope and the down-slope of the thermodilution curve.

In contrast to GEDV measurements, higher precision of the VolumeView algorithm could not be demonstrated for EVLW.

It's in contrast to the teams coached by Sir Graham Henry, a school teacher of European descent from Christchurch.

In general, hard substrates have attached biota, in contrast to sandy and muddy seafloors that may contain infauna.

In 32% of cases contrast by is used

By contrast, Apple will ship 78.

By contrast, the Super Mario Bros.

By contrast Rahul Dravid got better and better.

By contrast, 12,000 patients are waiting for lifesaving organs, 8,000 of them for a.

Brown, by contrast, never -summoned colleagues to No? 10 for -regular ' stocktakes '.

The BBC, by contrast, has become so big and complex that it is virtually unmanageable.

By contrast, to look at the subjective side, the mind, the doer, is to become the mate, and to gain the upper hand.

Apple, by contrast, have a different message, which I interpret as this: pick the device that is right for the task.

JAMES OATEN: By contrast, selecting prime minister Noda to lead the Democratic Party of Japan was a one sided affair.

In 3% of cases contrast of is used

A country full of contrasts but.

Nairobi is a city full of contrasts.

The reading Library, by way of contrast, has none of this.

Text: Evgeny Pozharnov (AKA Proxy) Russians will tell you that Russia is a nation of contrasts.

It is a story of contrasts: The murderer, a white man, grew up in a home filled with hate and violence.

The lack of contrast and shadows points to the very even light that you can get before dawn or after sunset.

The dilemma of contrast between those people that have and have not can be defined by a great divide (UNIDO, 2011) 1.

A journey along this highway takes through a world of contrasts that offers a fascinating portrait of the face of Taiwan.

Cuba is a small world of contrasts, an explosion of different cultures bound by the promise to provide its guests the vacation of a lifetime.

By way of contrast, in his Friday, January 21, column in the Toronto Star, Rick Salutin took aim at the respect shown for storytelling skills.

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