Prepositions used with "port"

"in port", "of port" or "to port"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases port in is used

Gardner grew up in Port Hope, Ont.

Farini is buried in Port Hope, Ontario.

Boston is a small seaside village in Portland.

If you live in Aba, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, join us in Port Harcourt on the 20th of October.

With flags flying the other ships, six or more in port, signaled? adieu and safe voyage?

Study area The model was tested using the data acquired in Port Harcourt area of Nigeria.

There are about ten guest houses in Port Barton and a few a small grocery stores selling basic supplies for the locals.

But there are also opportunities in port development and management, building toll roads, railways, air transportation etc.

He also claimed that he had been in the roasted vulture and suya business in Port Harcourt for a long time, the report stated.

Farini left his home in Port Hope after his father accused him of being a disgrace to his family by becoming a circus performer.

In 20% of cases port of is used

Deputy Ministers of Port and Aviation Hon.

I throw a bunch of Port and Rum in mine (not Bacardi!!!

Namal Rajapaksa, Deputy Ministers of Port and Aviation Hon.

The only bonus was that I was free as a bird to explore every inch of Port Kembla beach.

Start by gathering your network address ranges and then collect a list of ports to check.

Andrew has been my main running partner &; together we have explored much of Port of Spain.

Alagoa, Professor of History at the University of Port Harcourt draw attention to the geographical compactness of Nigeria.

Approximately 55 percent of port related costs can be reduced by improving ship turn-around times and cargo handling speeds.

Extra bed is P150 Bluecove Tropical Island Resort - It is situated on Albaguen Island, about a 30 minute boat ride out of Port Barton town.

April 28, 1996: Martin Bryant, 29, bursts into cafeteria in seaside resort of Port Arthur in Tasmania, Australia, shooting 20 people to death.

In 19% of cases port to is used

Go to Port Barton and stay at Elsa's.

Trains also ran from there to Port Esquivel.

We were to go to Port Credit and wait for a train.

The physical damage done to Port au Prince is going to take a long, long time to repair.

We flew to Cairns and travelled north from there to Port Douglas and the Daintree River.

The train returned to Port Credit for the remaining passengers to board from, wait for it.

Both countries have committed to investigating greater US access to ports such as Western Australia's Stirling naval base.

Smaller boats that take 2 to 4 people can be hired to take you to Port Barton for about P3,500, but you could get a bit wet.

After she finds out that she wasn't invited to Cane and Lily's wedding, Genevieve gets airline tickets to Port Charles so she.

To Port Barton via San Vicente Poblacion by Boat The boat ride from San Vicente Poblacion to Port Barton takes about 45 minutes.

In 9% of cases port from is used

A boat can pick you up from Port Barton and take you there.

To get there, it's a 20 minute boat journey from Port Barton.

We regularly request updates from ports and the organizations that provide it.

I was able to drive from Port Barton to Puerto Princesa City in my 4x4 in about two and a half hours.

James Ballantine offered to cross the continent from Port Hedland to Bathurst in 1827 using just two camels.

The fitter machinist from Port Macquarie said, like the majority of other men, he rarely went to the doctor.

By Boat from Port Barton or Sabang - My favorite way to get to El Nido is by boat (bangka) from Sabang or Port Barton.

The regular cost per passenger from Sabang to Port Barton is P1200 and it is P800 from Port Barton to Sabang, and this may vary.

On a third occasion he escaped from Port Arthur -- this time by swimming across the channel; his companions were eaten by sharks.

Trucking unions decided to strike until January 27, threatening to halt the movement of cargoes to and from ports, especially containers.

In 8% of cases port at is used

Russell and representatives of the press, she arrived at the dock at Port Day.

Zorbas at Port Lucaya - great casual spot with international selections at affordable prices.

S naval base at Port Esquivel and a six and a half mile line from Logans Junction, near May Pen to the U.

However, there is usually live entertainment and celebrations held in Count Basie Square at Port Lucaya for our American friends.

Mail between Kingston and Port Royal was then conveyed by the Harbour Master's launch across Kingston Harbour and at Port Morant.

Le Med, also at Port Lucaya offers great cuisine at reasonable rates and excellent views (from the patio) of the Port Lucaya Marina.

A FCMP instrumented tower at Port Arthur reported 1-min average winds of 94 mph at 0826 UTC September 24 along with a gust of 116 mph.

Kenya hopes to cut the time it takes to process goods through Customs at ports by half in the project expected to cost at least $6 million.

This will feed into pump prices this week as fuel is paid for upon delivery at port, so currency swings only take 3-5 days to feed into pumps.

FMG cut about 1,000 jobs and delayed its growth plans in the North West, while BHP Billiton shelved its outer harbour expansion at Port Hedland.

In 3% of cases port for is used

Both leave for Port Barton at 7am in the morning.

Waste generated by ships is another big issue for ports.

X X XThe primary responsiblity for ports is on the heads of their Xmaintainers.

There is no economic or environmental justification for Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) to proceed with these plans.

He served on the House committee for Ports and Marine Resources -- which is currently chaired in the Senate by Sen.

The casino is open when the ship is in international waters, and there are duty-free shops for those who can't wait for port stops to do their shopping.

In 3% of cases port on is used

You can initially check on port 443, but there are many ports on which certificates are commonly presented.

It was this post that got me through it!! If you're just wanting to run it on port 5900, you can change the DISPLAY variable to 0.

In 3% of cases port with is used

I will not deal with Port Orchard vets anymore.

If the applet window comes up, but can't connect to the server, look for problems with port 2244.

If the 2013 Glory gets some sort of internal cable routing with ports on top of the down tube at the bottom to run cables over the BB I will have no complaints.

In 2% of cases port between is used

One was in the Straight between Port Angeles, Vancouver and Whidbey Is.

Near Bath, but not easily accessible, is the magnificent Pera beach between Port Morant and Morant Lighthouse.

Terminals (between ports as well as those within a single port) compete for tangible assets such as port infrastructure.

A number of Maori were also exposed to the wider world as crew on ships operating between Port Jackson (Sydney) and the Bay of Islands.

That's what they do, and we work with them in several cases -- for example, in the recent restoration of the route between Port Moresby and Kerema.

In 2% of cases port into is used

For example, every boat that came into port was searched for books.

Much like the one that surged into Port Alberni quite a ways back or the big one in Alaska.

The resort is set back about 100 meters from the beach on the main road going into Port Barton.

Personally I have to say thanks to many people because without them many things would not go into port.

The maximum tonnage of ships in those days was 500, which means that for every voyage into port 25 would be levied.

The rate for each and every vessel coming into port irrespective of frequency or the necessity for watering, was sixpence for each ton gross registry.

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