Prepositions used with "progress"

"in progress" or "of progress"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases progress in is used

It's like a signing in progress.

But it's still a work in progress.

The case is still in progress here.

It will be a work in progress and it is going to take a few years but we are coming.

While all this was in progress at Pohang, activity was being stepped up in the north.

Those questions you just asked are coming from the big lie of Belief In Progress, BIP.

They can play anywhere on the marae but when a formal welcome is in progress on the marae it becomes out of bounds.

This is an event where we get to take the chance to answer ten questions about our current WIPs (Work in Progress).

John's Island, Mar 05 Mating in progress? Beting Bronok, May 09 Order Polycladida recorded for Singapore from Wee Y.

In 39% of cases progress of is used

There's been a lot of progress so.

It's a lot of progress in 6 years.

This is the sort of progress we have.

AACUHO has had a short but exciting history of progress and significant achievement.

To be fair, some very smart football people considered that total a sign of progress.

I am not against progress in fact we need a load more of it to sort out the mess caused by the first lot of progress.

Much of the lack of progress in human immunology is due to the tremendous success of inbred mice as a scientific model.

He didn't say that all settlements had to be stopped or that Israel is to blame for the lack of progress in negotiations.

When are the translations due? What's next? We're making a lot of progress on producing nightly device and desktop builds.

In 8% of cases progress for is used

The extreme right's platform for progress is filled with negatives.

The best hope for progress in Afghanistan would be change in Pakistan.

You can also check your MyStudyLink account for progress on your application.

So far, the prospects for progress are at best worrisome, at worst terrifying.

In 2008 she won a Creative Arts award from Art For Progress for her interdisciplinary piece, Split.

The chance for greatness, for progress, and for change, dies the moment we try to be like someone else.

He urged chiefs to help diffuse chieftaincy disputes to ensure continued and sustained peace for progress and development.

As part of the project, annual ATMOL conferences will be held to bring together all project partners for progress updates.

Similarly, during the Settling Down period, the two tasks are to establish a niche in society and to work for progress and advancement in that niche.

ISTC-Social seeks to stand at the forefront of how people use massively networked, mobile and cloud computing to realize new opportunities for progress.

In 6% of cases progress on is used

But we can rely on progress to stop at nothing.

Maybe that resolution on Progress needs looking at again.

Each year Stalin's government produced a report on progress.

Yep, Harmony is on progress and may make a standard even 2013 according to Brendan Eich.

I called by the distillery when leaving Dingle the next morning to make a final check on progress.

At the mid-point of the presidency's term, the organisation has issued its observations on progress.

We'll continue to check in with MoDOT officials and update you on progress in the coming months and throughout 2013.

The fairways and greens Therefore, I will dwell on progress made in the realm of higher training on the fairways and greens.

The purpose-built facility will allow players, coaches, umpires, curators and administrators to focus on progress and achievement.

I'll be providing further updates on progress in terms of all the recommendations and how we're handling the situation in due course.

In 2% of cases progress about is used

It's all about votes and power -- not about progress.

Many of the school leaders were actually cautious about progress from here.

One aide recalls Brown phoning him to ask about progress on a specific cycle lane.

I first went to Paris in the late 1970s, when I was 17, and for me the city was then all about progress and modernity.

I was creating a huge honest review and talking about progress resulting from their product and they gave it no attention what so ever.

I'd the first to grant that candidates don't necessarily line up to these philosophies, but life isn't about perfection, it's about progress.

In 2% of cases progress with is used

That is the way it is with most towns with progress comes crime.

Barroso told reporters that he was unhappy with progress so far, and demanded a new sense of urgency.

They continue to work with progress, and what's scary is that their evolution has yet to come full circle.

With progress reports you can actually see how each app is helping to improve skills like reading, math, phonics and more.

We have made contact with them, and will set out the initial scope and projected timing, and keep them in touch with progress.

In all areas of life, the people who are forging ahead with progress are the ones willing to fail, because they know enough failures lead to success.

Thus, individual bottle let somebody in on his workload burden by means of the third partaker with progress the do completed in an ecologically aware manner.

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