Prepositions used with "chain"

"in chain" or "of chain"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases chain in is used

He also caught Iron Maiden in the US and even Alice in Chains.

Also without lying in chains the MEPs show the necessary unity.

The passengers are not in chain, neither are their activities determined for them by decree.

Although in chains, he escaped from the Stonequarry (Picton) lock-up on the way to Sydney and hid up a tree.

He would do well to remember that Mladic is in chains at the Hague and he very well might follow one of these days.

The venerated tomb of Syed Abdur Rahman who was brought in chains from Sumatra to Cape Town in 1652 illustrates this observation.

Men of such prominence had to appear to leave the public scene decorously; for it would cause a scandal to drag them off in chains.

Houdini would allow himself to be handcuffed, padlocked in chains, imprisoned in straightjackets, water tanks, sacks and steel boxes.

Why aren't they in chains??? How can those two not understand that bragging about osamas death will not bring retaliation??? Good Lord.

This is the myth that is at the heart of all bourgeois culture - man is born free but is everywhere held in chains by social constraints.

In 21% of cases chain of is used

Chanel was very sensitive to the use of chains and pearls, for example.

The drought has set off a series of chain reactions in the Kenyan food system and economic state.

In other words, the earlier living Sunnah was reflected in the mirror of the Hadith with the necessary addition of chains of narrators.

Over the last eight years, he?? s been Western Region Vice President, Vice President of Exports and Vice President of Chain and Channel Management.

The dropping off of chain bucket elevator's hopper refers to the phenomenon that the hopper drops off from the strip of the hopper in the production process.

As brutal as it may sound, indentations are created by attaching a variety of nuts, bolts and washers to a length of chain and slamming the chain into the wood.

Many retailers have already started hard and deep price discounting, and a significant number of chain stores are planning on opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day.

Through its subordinate Hong Kong Golden Eagle Retail Group, Golden Eagle International Group focuses on developing retail of chained high-rank fashion department store.

Add number of chains for turning chain before starting first row: If the first square on the chart is a solid mesh, then chain 3 (counts as first double crochet of first mesh).

It specializes in high-quality commercial, real estate development, service industry, retail business of chained high-rank fashion department store and Flowing of large-scale trade.

In 16% of cases chain with is used

So now that Mara is back with Clara again, they are tied with chains.

Crews are also ready with chain saws for any fallen trees across Rockingham's many roads.

It is ever at work with chains of causations and effects that govern all of life and manifested matter.

Solubility in water The small aldehydes and ketones are freely soluble in water but solubility falls with chain length.

So by building up and ditching the highways we went to slow v plow work with chains if you were on rubber to simple trucks.

I noticed that many other passengers left their bags just like that without being secured with chains and locks and took the calculated risk by following their example.

In 7% of cases chain by is used

The streets linking different bazaars of Saddar area were also closed by chains.

In 4% of cases chain from is used

Even to this day not all of Houdini's secrets are known, although much of his ability to escape from chains and handcuffs depended on tiny hidden tools and an extraordinary flexible body.

In 3% of cases chain on is used

I have already talked about here on Chain DLK.

In 2% of cases chain into is used

This projection of Seekers on Enlightenment and Master is putting him into chains.

In 2% of cases chain to is used

Journalistic photography is as much politics as the wielders of power ushering the masses to chains.

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