Prepositions used with "motion"

"in motion" or "of motion"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases motion in is used

The investigation was set in motion.

And so I'd back to set this legacy back in motion.

Like a vegetal landscape, the Packard Plant is in motion.

The heart is crazy in motion, keep the power transportation to the limbs the skeleton.

As bodies were in motion, the universe must consist of eddies, vortices and whirlpools.

Many of the adjustments people are making today were in fact set in motion 4 years ago.

Sometimes it is just inertia, that an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by some external force.

Between the 18th and 19th centuries the trends that led to the current dominance of free-verse were already in motion.

Your opinion for a need to set the universe in motion has nothing to do with the latter observation that motion exists.

If the United Nations could actually help create a working economy and set the gears in motion, now that would be ideal.

In 32% of cases motion of is used

It is the miracle of motion and existence.

Just as mentioned in Newton's Third Law of Motion.

I also seem to have regained complete range of motion.

My forearm muscles aren't used to this kind of continual full range of motion exercise.

What are the types of Motion? Ans: Motions may be classified as Substantive or Subsidiary.

Mobility is performing a certain range of motion with a body part that doesn't need an aid.

Do stretches for your neck, shoulders, back and legs, but stretching beyond the normal range of motion is dangerous.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will announce the selected films on Thursday the 10th of January, 2013.

Microsoft's Kinect device is the latest step in the march of motion tracking technology from the lab into the living room.

Muscles worked: entire chest region Advantages: allows a greater range of motion and is safer (compared to bench presses).

In 8% of cases motion into is used

Han's death could be the event that sets the events of the new trilogy into motion.

Thank God there will be no hormones involved to jump start my body back into motion.

They could just as easily have been magical alien dust that spun everything into motion.

A transaction system that may sell gold bars will soon be positioned into motion in Russia.

The higher the mass of an object, the more difficult it is to put it into motion or acceleration.

It is not the limited miracle of getting things into motion or even getting things into existence.

All that changes however, when you set things into motion, and the effect is called apparent wind.

When placed into motion, oscillation will take place at the natural frequency f n which is a property of the system.

Two of Klavan's books have been adapted into motion pictures: True Crime (1999) and ' ' Don't Say A Word ' ' (2001).

So ' thank you ' to the entire team! A big thanks to you for making the arrangements and putting the team into motion.

In 3% of cases motion for is used

As a result he was only left with four of Descartes ' seven rules for motion.

General Sewing Data (GSD) has defined set of codes for motion data for SAM calculation.

By using formal Committee procedure, allow the business of a meeting to be completed, for example, calling for motions to wind up long discussions.

Whenever motion is about to happen, the tiny stabilising muscles are supposed to be engaged first, prior to the contraction of the larger muscles for motion.

In 2% of cases motion to is used

But this time around the events are rolled in to motion by one of the most loved characters.

It is not the limited miracle of getting things into motion or even getting things into existence.

Yet a series of experiments failed to find any evidence for differences in speed due to motion through the ether.

In 1% of cases motion by is used

The effects which are produced by it during sleep are soothed or dispelled by motion.

In 1% of cases motion on is used

Aristotle put forward his ideas on why objects fall to Earth, and also on motion in general, in works written around 330 BC.

In 1% of cases motion with is used

No one's got a f**king idea what to do with motion controls.

A trip by bus to Krabi will seem endless if any of your family members have problems with motion sickness.

Buildings and sets furthermore decay, therefore lowering the top quality associated with motion pictures which they can be found in.

In 1% of cases motion Without is used

In absolute silence, without motion or distraction.

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