Prepositions used with "figure"

in, of, to, with or below figure?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases figure in is used

Look at the chords in Figure 2.

This is reflected in Figure 25.

Listen to the rhythms in Figure 2.

Notice that the equation for the regression line is different than is was in Figure 6.

Examples of NDVI/time functions for several different locations are shown in figure 4.

These contents are defined in the tables that follow and are illustrated in Figure 5-1.

As we saw in figure 6, the apparent wind has moved forward to 45 degrees off our right and has increased to 14+ mph.

It is you who have to demonstrate in figures, not emotions of maritial splits that you can afford to get what you want.

You can also set HTML5 as the default schema from the HTML Source Editing Toolbar in any HTML file, as shown in Figure 2.

The spare capacity data reported by the IEA are shown in Figure 2, exceeding 7 mmbpd in 2002 and reaching a low point of 1.

In 13% of cases figure of is used

The drawing is unfinished, with a number of figures still in pencil outline.

These are far below the kinds of figures that have been offered in the past.

Different Pentatonic Scale This pentatonic scale is not a transposed version of Figure 2.

Regardless of the government's spinning of figures, the answers to Dil questions indicate that only 1.

Onscreen movement is at least double as it includes the motion of figures and that of the camera itself.

Before the invention of figures by the Arabs, in the tenth century, letters of the alphabet were used for numbers.

It was a very cheap way to get a huge collection of figures, but don't forget the magazines themselves were great as well.

So all up from this set of figures we can estimate that there are 393,334 potential new homes available for dogs and cats.

That explains why NCA published wrong figures from Tigo in June last year and later publish another set of figures Tigo submitted.

This causes half of what they absorb to go back to the ground, which shows up clearly in the notches of the first chart of Figure 1.

In 10% of cases figure to is used

They simply host your site and the rest is up to you to figure out.

And that gave rise to figures that did not seem real and that could give an erroneous impression.

Many new members in Kansas Legislature According to figures compiled by Ed Flentje in his column H.

According to figures from internet measurement firm Comscore the Friends Reunited group of websites recorded 1.

They played the tactics that work against Barca, swami -- it's up to Barca to figure out how to counter the play.

The territory to be developed was divided into seigneuries, which were granted to figures who had provided service to the king.

On the other hand, comparing Figure 3 to Figure 5 shows that the SCC in randomized Blogspace grows much faster than in the original blog graph.

By last year, the disposable income savings rate had dropped to a measly 4%, according to figures provided by pension consultant Towers Watson.

For some folks, the best way to figure out that SBI! is the right option for them is to waste a year or two throwing good money after bad and not getting anywhere.

Steven Sloman, a Brown University professor and one of the study's authors, said it is up to marketers to figure out how to reach each type of detail-driven consumer.

In 8% of cases figure with is used

ACCOUNTANTS are good with figures.

Left-arm paceman Trent Boult chipped in with figures of 3-93.

This section specifies that the fixtures shall be in accordance with Figure R307.

The peaks are far too sharp, far too localized, and utterly inconsistent with figure 5.

The gap is wide enough that I don't need to do any special budgeting or fussing with figures.

Not only as a plain outlook, but with figures and targets set out for the 1 to 3 coming years.

The blanket incorporates red and blue panels of varying widths, with figures of mortars, snakes, or some anthropomorphic figures.

As with figure one there is little discernible relationship between the change in debt and the change in GDP between 2008 and 2011.

Figures from 2001 onwards may not be comparable with figures for previous years which were compiled based on the ICD 9th Revision.

Off-spinner Aswin was the pick of Chennai Super Kings bowlers with figures of two for 32 while Ravindra Jadeja and Hilfenhaus chipped.

In 3% of cases figure below is used

You should see a dropdown as shown in the below figure.

Step 2: Add controller So let's go and add a new controller as shown in the below figure.

Step 4: Run the application If you do a CTRL + F5 you should see an error as shown in the below figure.

In this lab we will create a simple customer data entry screen as shown in the below figure using an MVC template.

Create a simple MVC project, right click on the model folder, and click on Add New Item, as shown in the below figure.

So click on the Index function which is present in the control and click on the Add View menu as shown in the below figure.

Step 1: Create project Create a new project by selecting the MVC 2 empty web application template as shown in the below figure.

Go to any MVC view and see the intellisense for the HTMLHelper class, and you should see something as shown in the below figure.

Give a view name, check Create a strongly typed view, and bind this view to the customer class using the dropdown as shown in the below figure.

Give a view name, check Create a strongly typed view, and bind this view to the customer class using the dropdown, as shown in the below figure.

In 2% of cases figure at is used

Take a look at figure 9 to see the whole course of our down wind run.

Look at figure 10 and consider two possible ways to work your way to a point upwind.

In 2% of cases figure for is used

Dwindling respect for figures of authority.

You asked for figures and I told you I don't have any.

And it makes a lot more sense now why she was over in China pimping for figure skaters a few weeks ago.

You can even adapt the playback speed (slower for figures or difficult terms, faster for redundant bits).

The range is an important measurement, for figures at the top and bottom of it denote the findings furthest removed from the generality.

For example, different classes could be used to distinguish index entries for figures from normal entries or to distinguish entries within one section, e.

In 2% of cases figure from is used

Rewrite each scale from Figure 2.

The image in this lesson's main heading is taken from Figure 4, courtesy of the author.

But there is a candid account of criticisms of the Scottish education system from figures such as Patrick Geddes and A.

In 1% of cases figure like is used

Your graph should now look like Figure 6.

The rest of the book is rather interesting as well with commentary on things like figure conversions and homecasting of miniatures.

There was a plethora of animals and highly-realistic looking humans, in all probability fashioned like figures at a wax museum or Duane Hanson's hyper-realist resin sculptures.

In 1% of cases figure on is used

These depended on figures gathered by geographical area.

Based on figures released by the Shenzhen Statistics Bureau in April 2010, as of end 2009, Shenzhen has an official resident population of 8.

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